East Rutherford, NJ Giants Stadium, August 31st, 2005

Okay, I'm gonna tell you everything about the concert not just an overview.

My friend, Shonna got tickets for her birthday in May for this concert. I really did try to get tickets for this show but the day they came out my dad went to Philadelphia leaving me with no credit card or credit card number to get one. I called my dad in Philly asking for the number but he said no, so I would have to wait. When my dad got home that night, tickets were all gone for GA so they were all for the 300 sections. There for I would have to wait 'till next tour.

While Shonna was having a fight with her other friend it was not August and she had an extra ticket. 2 weeks before the concert she asked me if I wanted to go, and who would turn down a chance to go see Green Day?

1 week 'till the concert and my uncle from Georgia calls, he just got back from a Green Day concert, said it was one of the best concerts he's ever been to and they were fantastic. This just got us more hyped up and my uncle said we wouldn't be sorry.

Unfortunatley school started the day before the concert and that whole day was a countdown 'till the Green Day concert. The next day September 1st 2005 was all we were waiting for that whole summer. We skipped school and we slept over Shonna's house since her dad was taking us. We woke up around 7:00 and watched the bus go by on the way to school, the only teacher who knew I was going was my History teacher because the day before he was reading my Sex Pistols shirt and asked me if I liked Green Day, when I told him I was going to see him the next day he flipped out and asked me to tell him the details when I got back.

I could see Shonna's dad wasn't much of a Green Day fan with the little stunt he pulled that day. We skipped school because we were going to leave around 12:30, 1:00. 12:30 came around and her dad was gone, out to get the camper somewhere. Me and Shonna FLIPPED. Her cousins wree like "Oh, leave around 6:30, you'll get their in time". If my dad took us he would have been ready, my dad is a huge Green Day fan. Shonna's dad likes them but it's like the Bible, he put work before Green Day.

Her dad had his cell phone off so we couldn't call him even after numerous tries. He finally came home and decided to take a shower... slowly, then he didn't know where Giant Stadium was so it took another half hour to get directions. By this time, kids were getting out of school. Then he decided we should leave, I had gotten batteries at my house for my camera that morning, we brought pens and paper and I brout 50 bucks my dad gave me for concert T's and we were on the road.

Her dad forgot something as he went down the street so her went back go get it another - 5 minutes.

THEN we were on the road - no turning back we stopped at McDonald's on the way and got sodas and listened to MCR and FOB on the way, we were on a Green Day diet, no Green Day for 2 weeks before the concert because we thought we would get sick and tired of the music and not be as excited. The CD's were over quickly and we could hardly sit still so we listened to the radio. As we got closer to Giant Stadium, the announcer started talking about the concert... 1000 more tickets were put on sale because some workers were walking around the stdium and they're like "Oh, you can see from here and here and here", so tickets would be on sale at the door. We got so close to the stadium that we could see it over the tops of the buildings and her dad took a wrong turn not following all the heavy traffic to the highway ad we ended up going the opposite way and ended up at a gas station just a mile down the road, her dad filled up the tank and then asked for directions just to turn around and go back the way we came, turns out the exit ramp to the highway we neede to get on was right in front of us.

It was hot out and we sat in the van in a ton of traffic for about a half hour. People sat with trunks open and people sun bathed on the roofs of their cars as the traffic inched forward. Then we got on the highway, took a turn into the traffic going into the stadium and didn't have enough mony for parking, so I paid and we got in. We parked quite a ways back and the her dad wanted to wait at the van to go in. So we asked for our tickets and were on our way. Shonna forgot the pens, but I didn't for get anything and had the camera as well.

We got a little lost on the way to the gates and ended up in the wrong line... but we didn't know. A girl behind us was crying because she "was goin to see Billie Joe for the first time in preson..."
Keep in mind we were in the line to get into the balconies by mistake.
Then someone was walking by obviously from the stadium saying no camera's. we got closer to the front and Shonna flipped out . she had a panic attack on the spot saying "We're not goin to get in! They're going tofind the camera!"

I literally stood there shaking her saying "We're goin to get in! Put it in your back pocket! Their only taking disposibles!"

She insisted we go back to the van and leave it there but iI told her we came this far to see Green Day and we weren't turning back or we wouldn't see the stage.

Well they didn't find the camera but told us we were in the wrong line and GA was Gate C. SO we got out of line and went to Gate C on the way to the gate they had Stands where you can buy stuff but we would stop after the concert and we were determined to get in.

People from Verizon who were traveling with Green Day were asking people if the wanted a pic and a message to be put up on the screens but we turned it down and went to get in the right line. We got in and walked down insteas of up like the other gate and finally were in a huge hallway with a light at the end, this... was... heaven.

Now, my idea of this stadium was HUGE stage far off in the distance once we got in there but no, it was actually not as big as I thought ir=t would be and the stage was right there clearly in front of me.We were in awe of the of the huge Warning logo banners on the side of the stage rampes. The first section was reserved for the first 3500 people. That info we overheard from a guy on this cell phone. We were right behing the second barricade at about the 30 yard line, but it did deem closer.

The messages and pics peple took outside the stadium were put up on the screens and Against Me! or Rise Agaisnt, whoever was onstage first was getting off stage as soon as we walked in. We were behind a few people next to the barricade and watched the screens messages that read things as important as "Marry me rachel" to as random as "Orange" or as exciting as "Scream if you like GD!" which everyone did. Some stupid teenies put stuff like "Marry me Billy Jo, or Mike or Tre'".

They played songs like God Save The Queen and Freeze up that we sang to and got some weird looks from older people for knowing all the words to nearly every song. Then Jimmy Eat World came out. They did their newest hits "Pain" and "Work" which isn't my most favorite song an the did "Blister" and the last two songs "In The Middle" and my favorite "The Sweetness"> The lead singer forgot a song and said something to his band mate about it almost in the microphone. by the end of their set the lead singer was so sweaty he looked like he was literally sprayed with a fire hose. They went off an the guys started to take down their set.

Some people in the crowd tried to start the wave it took about 10 times for it to go aroud the stadium. The first few times a fraction of the audience did it. It grew slowly until the succeeed and it went around the balconies completely.

The same messages went back up on the screens and the music started playing to the rowdy crowd once more. There were now so many people behind us that we couldn't see the entrance. Before Jimmy Eat World came on we managed to move up right against the barricade when a few kids moved aside. I was the first one against the barricade and then Shonna moved up. YMCA started playing and I remembered by all the reviews I read that the Pink Bunny comes out during this song. My friend was still mesmerised by the screens and pics that she din't even notice the Pink Bunny stumble out on to the stage with the beer in his hand. I think the Bunny was played by Billie Joe because of the tatoo's and the way he shook his ass at the crowd.

I pushed Shonna not taking my eyes off the stage because i knew she wasn't looking. I was telling her and screaming "Shon, look, it's the Pink Bunny!!" over and over. That is until I pushed her into a girl next to us. then she stupidly looked at the stage and said "Courtney, the Pink Bunny!". Duhhhhh!

The Pink Bunny threw little pink bunnies out into the crowd and chugged the beer. Walked casually around the stage, doing the YMCA with everyone and when the song ended Hey Mickey was played next, the Pink Bunny I believe danced to it.

The Bunny walked off stage as the crew continued to set up. Tre''s drums were set up and tested by the drum tech and the microphones were put out, Billie Joe's and Mike's stood side by side.

The sun wa going down and slowly the bright stadium lights went out. The stage turned purple and the 2001 Space Odessey was played. Billie Joe and Mike were the first to emerge from the sides. Jason and Tre' came out. Tre' climed the platform to his drums and sat down,rms crossed. Billie jumped to a speaker and crossed his arms as Mike yelled out words that were drowned out by the sound of the crowd. Then the first chords were muted and Billie Joe jumped into the intro. Tre' and Mike and Jason joined in.

American Idiot was the beginning of what was going to be a great night. Around the solo Billie Joe got everyone to chant "Hey" and then "Heyooooo". They did the last part and it ended with a couple pyro's from above the stage and the middle backround dropped. The Green Day flags hung on both sides of the drums and Billie Joe said to the crowd. "I want everyone, starting from this side, to do the wave". And they did it, it took only one time to get completely around. It was amazing how all these people did it with only one man conducting it.

Then they dedicated Jesus of Suburbia to everyone who lived in a samll town, and me and my friend did so it went out to as and to the other thousands of people in the crowd. Mike was givin' Kudos for his bass solo and Tre' got his little drum bit where all eyes were on him and he made a few faces like he did through the whole concert. Dearly Beloved was cool Billie Joe got eveyone to raised their hands and get involved. At the end more pyro's and the lst backrounds dropped revealing a sign that read Green Day in lights.

Then came Holiday. Billie Joe introduced it "This song is not anti-American, it anti... WAR!!". Then he broke into the song. Around the middle he pulled out the flash light commanding "Lights... OUT!" Then he shined it around the darked crowd of people and right into my eyes. And let me tell you it is very bright, because he held it there for a good three seconds!

The next song was the slow Are We The Waiting, which is not my favorite song but I sang it anyway, it was also introduced as Saint Jimmy. That song was wicked cause the stars came out during that song.

Then all the slowness and tranquility stopped as Saint Jimmy came up to bat. This song had nothin pretty about it. We were smahed up against the barricades and people started to seriously mosh and people sang along. Billie did his little humping things on the few chords before the end part. then Billie Joe went on about the histry of Green Day and how the've been aroung for 16 years. Billie was already sweaty from all this and the got his older copy of Blue.

Then it went old-school. they did Longview, one of my favorite Green Day songs. A few preppy girls next to us were like "I never heard this song before. When they just and I quote said "We've been a band for about... 16 years". Longview was great tons of moshing and pushing and a real good way to remember the 90'snd their first big break.

Then, my song Hitchin' A Ride. I heard from other concert reviews again that Billie Joe fondles himself a bit in this song and I didn't have to many pics yet cause the camera eats up batteries so fast. So they got to around they little part and Billie had everyone say "AHHH' and "OOOoohh" and "WHHOOOO". I got what he was having us do around the third one and kept going, but my friend stopped once she got it and she was probably the only one in the stadium that stopped. Then Billie rubbed himself and stuck his hand down his pants and the smelled his fingers and I got a piccy of him rubbing himself! And the momen of masturnation stopped when Billie went into the solo and the fire shot out of the stage and it was very hot.

Then Billie had the crowd scream and Mike went back stage. Our side was not the loudest and Billie temorarily disowned us. Then we got a little louder and then... Mike came back and motion for us to get louder. He threw his bass toward us and we slowly became louder. Mike was in his glory that we were louder that Billie came over to our side and push Mike out of the way so he could take controld of Mike's side. Tre' was a neutral telling everyone to get louder. Then Billie started to play high notes and chords to let us know when to scream.. then it went into Brain Stew and everyoe sang along. then it wnet into Jaded and things got a little out of control. Some guy that was behing us pushed me aside and yelled at me cause his 8 year old duaghter couldn't breathe. A secrurity guard came over and told the stupid guy that I was There the whole time ant=d he either had to back off or leave. So the guy had to leave after he yelled at me that Im disrespectful. not to mention rhat he was crushing me against everyone else and the were not able to breathe. So I yelled at him that it was a Green Day concert and not a Beatles concert and that he should get some tougher skin if he's gonna come to one of the biggest punk rock gigs in the world. So with a bit of troble he got out and left giving me a mean look, so I flipped him of and people yelled at him as he left. And the guywas about 60!!

Then Billie Joe introduced Green Day and Mike as a man that looks REALLY GOOD naked and Tre' as a man he often like to shower naked with. He got some flirty looks from both of them and Jason was happy to get some recognition. I screamed as loud as I could for all of them since they all do something and yelled at the people to get louder for Ronnie Blake and Jason freese who played us some New Jersey Blues. and then Billie Joe said he was George W. Bush. And this is how the sound in the stadium went for that... "YEABBBOOO!!!!!!!". Then he smiled and said he was asshole. Then I think he brought out a water gun and got some 10 year old kid to spray everyone with, I got somewhat wet and then Billie Joe got the kid to have everyone wave there hands. Then the kid got down and they went into Knowledge.

A 16 year old was picked to play the drums since he was playing fot 3 years and then some bigger guy was picked to do the bass and he was alright but had to get in time with the drums. Billie Joe had a black Gibson Les Pual around him with a Green Day logo on it and was going to pick a guitarist. Now iIhad only been playing for about 9 months but was completely capable of plying 3 5th chords. So I raised my hand and was the only kid around me raising my hand not a lot of poeple to my surprise were raising their hands so I had a pretty good chance. i was told by tons of guitarists I was a good guitar player for only playing for a year and I would just lie if I was asked up.ut he picked some lady in her 30's who had been playing for 5 years to play. She got up there and was kissed, I would have got my first kiss from BILLIE JOE if I was picked. The lady was less then amused and she quickly shook it off but now she had to learn it. And she did rten when Billie Joe started to sing mike came out again and tre' helped out the drummer and the guitarist tripped in front of Billie Joe and he luaghed at her then she got tokeep it the drummer kept the drumsticks and the bass player got to do a stage dive. Billie Joe looked for the guy and it didn't look like they caught him that good.

Then they did Basketcase and lots of crowd involvment there, Billie let the crowd sing a patr and that song went by fast. So then they did She. By this time I could barely talk even though i really liked the song I dedcided to take a break.

Then came one of my favorite songs "KING... FOR... A... DAAAAYYY!!!"
Then They brought out a little wizard puppet to dance o the speakers and Tre' was wearing a big pink hat, Jason had o a big pirate hat , Jason Freese had on a British police hat(sry i forgot what their called) Mike had on kitty ears, and Ronnie Blake, I forgot what he had on but he had something on and the Billie had the almighty crown on. He moooned the crowd and he couldn't get his pants up on our side and the he couldn't get them down on the other side. the he stopped an then went into Shout and did his little strip tease, he pulled down his shirt just enough to have everyone get a look at his chest tatoo's and had everyone jumping around. I tried to get a pic of this but my camera was malfunctioning(damn camera!) and Billie laid down and fucked the floor and then sang Stand By Me the whole crowd sang it and the he slowly got back up and dance around getting everyne to say "Hey" and "Heeeyyyoo".

Then he went into WMUWSE. I don't like this song but it was cool Billie cried a bit and the Sparks rained down behind Tre'and he got everyone to hold up their lighters and cell phones and then it was over.

He got us back to life with Minority and had everyone go "HHHHHHHHHHEEEYYYYYOOOOO!!!!" then Tre' held up the clock and timed us. And let me just add Tre' the camera on the snare drum in between your legs...;) I like it. Then they all went back stage and Billie and them came out for an encore. After the Green Day chant.

First was BOBD and I hate this song and then it was Maria, this is the only song I didn't know all the words to. So I caught on and sang it the the did a cover of Queen's We Are The Champions. Billie cannot sing in Freddy Mercury's voice, the only one who coul do that is George Michael and they showed the lyrics on the background.

Then Billie came back out for an electric version of Good Riddence(Time Of Your Life). EVERYONE sang this and then the sho out confetti and stills have it. it was a great concert. if anyone has not seen a GD concert you should definetly go see one. them are AMAZING live, even if you don't like them you'll have fun. We waited after the concert with 2 other girls that were in the balconies and talked to a Verizon guy on tour with them and we never met Green Day but we will...

So go see 'em they are GREAT!

here is the Set list i tried to remember:
American idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Are We the Waiting
Saint Jimmy
Hitchin' A Ride
Brain Stew
Basket Case
King For A Day
Shout (in the middle Stand By Me)
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Boulevard of Broken Dreams
We Are The Champions
Good Riddence (Time Of Your Life)

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