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fuck myspace!


wow, things have changed since the old GSB. Um, well, I'm Loren [MLA for short, dont ask] and Im sixteen, seventeen, in 5 days! Whoot whoot! Im here the same reason all you ppl are, our love for the best band in the world, Green Day. They make me happy when I'm sad, they are my life, as everyone else's on this site. September 1, 2005 was the best day of my life, when I saw them in concert. I accomplished one thing in my life, seeing them, in person, breathing the same air Billie, Mike and Tre were breathing. What a great day that was Smile

Im a fun person to be around, I'm very sarcastic, but once you get to know me, its all good. Besides Green Day, I have a love for AFI [xoMissMurdEr0x on OMB on afireinside.net if any of you care]. I obsess over those two bands the most, and they are one of the top things I talk about. I'm not much of a 'punk rocker' as most people that listen to Green Day are, I dress how I like and by looking at me you would never think I enjoy Green Day, but you know what, I dont give a fuck if you think im a 'poser' cause I wear abercrombie and listen to Green Day and AFI, get over yourself. I also enjoy dancing, its my passion and life besides Green Day. I live in New Jersey and I hate it here, when I get old enough I am going to move back to NY. I hate school, but I'm a good student. I hate people that label you, and popular people piss me off. So yeah, thats me in a nutshell. I.M. me sometime: HoRnYkiTTyBabiEs[dont ask, long story] I love talking to other Green Day fans.

oh yeah, and I fucking hate myspace with a bloody passion, not one of my favorite things to talk about. if you bring it up to me, I will most likely bash it, and probably piss you off.


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