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I don't have one. But my LJ is,


HI! I came back. If you know me. Very Happy
If you don't then HI! I'm Ali.
I used to be Finky.Is.My.Kinky
andd shenanigans06
andd I think JillieBoe'sFink
andd I can't remember what else.
GSB saved me about two years ago.
Now I am thanking it by coming back and being annoying.
And now I just figured out you can use BBCode here.
Thank god because I've forgotten all the fantastic HTML skills I used to have.
Now I shall proceed to steal my profile from another website because I'm simply too lazy to make a new one.



“Most people don’t want you to look how you want to look. They want you to look how they want you to look."


+ I talk too much about myself. Be prepared.
+ I adore the rain more than anything else the world. And the smell before rain. And the smell during rain. And the feeling of rain. And rain is even more perfect than Jesse. And that's how perfect it is.
+ I wear most of my beliefs on my sleeve.
+ I'm a vegetarian.
+ I can't stand deliberate ignorance.
+ I name everything that is important to me after Green Day related stuff.
--+ I have a [strike]piece of shit[/strike] mp3 that I named Dookie, or Dook.
--+ My shoes are named Fillie II and Bink II. They're named the same as my old pair of shoes Smile .
--+ My cats name is Mike Joe Cool.
--+ My birds name is Fink[thefinch].
--+ My guitar will now be known as Nimrod. As opposed to navy.
+ I am a little over-obsessed with Jesse Thomas Lacey. [Teenish] Too bad.
--+ I met him [May 10, 2007]. And now I will mention it as often as possible in daily conversation.
--+ He is perfect.
---+ Simply his voice is enough to make me cry.
---+ He is one of the greatest song writers this world has ever known.
---+ He is very fucking gorgeous.
---+ His eyes shine brighter than the fucking ocean.
---+ He has a smile to kill for.
---+ He is the only hot guy that I know that can actually pull off facial hair. And that makes him magic.
---+ He always has the awesomest shoes.
---+ And his grandpa sweater. :love:
+ I'm a genius. That's it.
+ I'm not too modest.
+ I wanna be a
--+ Chuck Palahniuk is my author god. He is every bit fucking genius.
+ I'd also like photography.
+ Or almost any kind of art.
--+ Take into account that the only type of art I can actually do properly is mostly in doodles, words or computer screens.
+ I drool a bit too often.
+ I lose too many things.
+ I hate too many people.
+ I talk too much to myself.
+ I'm actually smart.
--+ I get good grades and enjoy intellectual conversations.
---+ I often dislike people that can't hold one. But often dislike people that it's all they know.
+ I am incredibly obsessed with lucid dreaming. Actually, dreams in general.
+ I do stuff cause I want, not cause anybody tells me to.
--+ Maybe that doesn't apply to my parents.
---+ I don't understand much of that "teenage rebellion" that I'm supposed to be going through.
+ I say racist things that you should understand I don't actually mean. It's more just a mocking of actual racist people.
--+ I love racist jokes towards my kind, go ahead and make some. Be warned, I absolutely cannot stand the term 'illegal alien'. Wetback? yes. Beaner? sure. Anything, but 'illegal aliens'. Please.
+ I am a great procrasinator. Making this is part of today's procrasination.
+ I can be a complete romantic sometimes. I don't like it very much.
--+ I'm a total cliché whore when it comes to that. It's really kinda sad.
+ I really hate how everyone expects me to listen to all their shit but can never listen to me.
+ If you must know, I am more than a little addicted to slash. Green Day slash is all I love. Sometimes, I'll go for some Jesse and Adam and John. Not often, but I may just.
--+ I do not write, for I judge myself too much and set a bar way to high. Love to read some if you've got any though.
+ I've figured out that you never get to where you want to go, but usually you end up where you weren't expecting to be happy.

Maybe to understand me, it'd help to know the music I listen to. I don't care if you don't care. So I'm just gonna list it all.
But first of all, Green Day and Brand New are the greatest bands ever. Don't argue.
[A]Against Me! .. Aiden .. Alexisonfire .. Alkaline Trio .. Anathallo[/A]
[B.]Bad Religion .. Bayside .. Billy Talent .. Blink 182 .. Brand New[/B]
[C]Cancer Bats .. The Carps .. The Clash .. Colour Revolt[/C]
[E]The Early November[/E]
[F]Finch .. From First To Last[/F]
[G]Gorillaz .. Green Day [/G]
[H]Hostage Life .. The Hush Sound[/H]
[I.]I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business .. The (International) Noise Conspiracy[/I]
[L]The Lawrence Arms .. The Loved Ones[/L]
[M]The Misfits .. Moneen[/M]
[N]The Network .. Nirvana .. NOFX[/N]
[O]The Offspring .. Ours[/O]
[R]The Ramones .. Rancid .. Red Hot Chili Peppers .. Refused .. Rise Against[/R]
[S.]Scary Kids Scaring Kids .. Screeching Weasel .. Sex Pistols .. Sherwood .. Silverstein .. Social Code .. Straylight Run .. Sugarcult .. Sum 41.. System Of A Down[/S]
[T]Taking Back Sunday[/T]
[U.]The Unseen[/U]
[W]The White Stripes[/W]
& wow, lots of bands start with Ss.





I'm a Mexican. Not a Mexi-can't.

bye bye now Smile
Set your friends on fire. Infernal



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