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Im me Garth...or Jimmy....or the master of the tagboard...that sadly commited suicide...i forced it to. Did you know i saved a tagboard conversation on my computer? No? Well, fine then! Oh well I hope you all love me. Cause if you dont. Youre missing out. I live in Kentucky and I promise we arent all infested with chickens that attack people. I play guitar. I know a few green day songs. I prefer classic rock over any style of music. And I like Dookie better than American Idiot. Get over it. And I can brag that Dookie was my first GD CD...I guess...ok you got me. Idiot was my second but hey im only 13 i cant help it. I am the greatest 13 year old boy ever. Im straight unlike my bisexual friends that will beat you up if you offend them. Just kidding. I dont think I know any bisexual people. I know some homos though...OMG!!! Oh and if you use lol more than 3 times in a forum post I will make sure that post gets deleted. I have hacking skills. Sort of. I have the rare copy of dookie with the dude in the crowd holding up a puppet of ernie from sesame street right in the middle. It has a hidden track. Just like the others. I like chicken. thats all bye!


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