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Hey, bitch... I see you have stumbled across my profile =)

[color=DeepPink]I'm Tayla, 14, from the shittiest part of Australia. I'M PROUD TO BE AUSTRALIAN! Just not proud to be from the part I'm from. heh.
"G'day mate, ya wanna snag off the barbie?" LOL, I have to say, this is the first time I've ever said that before. Australia isn't kangaroos, desert, barbeqes, tshirts and thongs. If you think it is then open your eyes =P It's actually funny what some people think of Australians haha. NO I do not have a pet kangaroo and a bushranger's hat. I go to school, no matter how much it sucks, and I live pretty much like you do =P

I play a bit of bass guitar and I also play violin, and I've been playing since I was 6. So even
know I don't really like it anymore I'd better keep going. If you wanna PM me then sure go ahead. I like the old GSB stories and have written a few of my own that aren't on this site.... hehe Joey likes sex Very Happy

I used to have my username as may remember me

Green Day:
There are three wonderful people in my life...besides my friends and shit. Oh, and my dog. Better known as Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, and Billie Joe Armstrong. I'm not gonna go into the whole "omfg im the biggest Green Day fan around so everyone else can get fucked! I love them sooo much!" coz I'm not a teenie. If you're a teenie, never mail me coz you piss me off. Anyway, as I was saying...Green Day seem to have found a part of me I never knew was there. And my life wouldn't be the same without them. I adore them and I will meet them some day. Being a teenager, I relate to mostly the 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk! era, but I can relate to all their other music too. They are one of the only bands who seem to have a reason to be famous and to sing. They make people aware of the world, and like Adrienne said, they show people it's okay to not understand why the world is how it is. They are truly amazing people, and Billie Joe is so kind to people less fortunate. Green Day also introduced me to some fantastic kick-arse music that I never knew was out there. There will always be a place in my heart for these three wonderful men.

I love too easily... and fall to quickly... my hopes jump and fade suddenly... which is what perhaps makes me who I am.

I have had my heart broken, trodden on, thrown aside and left to rot.
yes it hurts. You learn to move on and not dwell in your sorrow, coz there's always life left inside, waiting to burst out and write the next chapter of your life.

I don't become too close with many people. My inner circle is small. I trust very few, but for those I do love and trust, I adore. My life wouldn't be the same without them.

Cassie, you mean the world to me. I know you don't know it but it's true. I know you pissed off Zac so much he decided to leave... but I adore you for everything you do, for your companionship, for your laughter, for every second of fun spent with you. I'm so glad we met, I can't imagine how far I wouldn't have come this year otherwise. Love you forever bitch <3

Every one of my other friends, I adore you all too. You've made me smile, cry, laugh... but most importantly, you've brought out the true me from your support and friendship. When I'm with you I feel like I'm myself and like I can live just how I want. Kalista, Sharni, Jess, Jemma... you guys know who you are <3

My family is odd. Not your average family. Psyco. But that's the way I like it. I'd die with a "normal" family. Me and my parents, especially me and my mum, never get along and see eye to eye. Yes, mum, I've told you I hate you, caused you greif and shit, but I wish you knew, no matter how much damage I've done in the past;
I love you.
One day soon, you could be gone. And that is what I fear most. My relationship with you and dad is the one thing I'm ashamed of.
One day you'll know. One day. One day.

I don't take any shit, I'm loud and very opinionated. If I don't like what someone did, they will soon know about it. If people don't like me then I don't mind coz I am ME and that will never change!

I am a nice person though but I can be a real bitch at times...don't be scared to talk to me I like all GSB people

My love life seems to always be all jumbled up and fucked...I love writing poems when I'm down =D

Bands I like:
Green Day
Fountains Of Wayne
Blink 182
Panic! At The Disco
The Ramones
30 Seconds To Mars
Simple Plan
From First To Last
Fall Out Boy
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Good Charlotte
The Who
Bullet For My Valentine
The Fray
My Chemical Romance
and bands lake that ETC...

Things I like:
Writing stories and poems
Hanging out with friends
Banana milk!!! <3
my friends Very Happy
darkness and being alone
Krypton Disks in Adelaide!
Listening to music

Things I hate:
People who hate Adrienne Armstrong coz they're jealous of her
girly girls (or girls trying to be girly)
I also hate...
school and maths
tv commercials
shy people...although it can be cute <3
President Bush
Global Warming
INJURIES TOTALLY FREAK ME OUT IT'S MY PHOBIA but only bad injuries like bones *shudder* breaking or out of place etc. Thinking about pain makes me sick!! My knees dislocate all the time and have been doing it since I was 9, so I can never run without worrying about them dislocating again coz it HURTS LIKE HELL and happens alot. So, I limp when I run. I can't run for shit and I suppose it's where my phobia comes from. They dislocate so easily, and sometimes, when I juat think about it, I feel like I'll faintSad

My mission in life? The same as yours, bitch...
Meet Green Day (a few times!)
Pass my fantastic taste of music onto my kids and grandkids...
And to die happy, old?and well-lived!

Billie Joe's kids are adorable!!
Tears don't fall, they crash around me

So, you've taken the time out of your busy-I'm-sure lives to read up on ME, you may be interested, bored shitless or wanna punch my face in...but that doesn't matter to me bitch =P Comment my profile, add me as ur friend...whatever. =)
Catch ya later

Sorry no pics of me on here I don't come on much and don't really know how to get them on anyway!




^^lol, Tre the family man^^

^^Mr Cool^^

^^it's good to know he's still human^^


^^Mike, I'm SO glad you got a haircut =] ^^


^^my heroes^^

^^The sweet =')^^

^^I may not be American, but I still care. Please, do something, no matter who you are! It makes a difference!^^


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