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Still trying to figure out how to add pix and stuff (come on, i don't even know how to change the font colors yet) so this section isn't so suckish, but heres some random stuff I love and hate...
and btw if something u like is on my hate list, don't be offended x]


-Green day (DUH.)

-Billie Joe Armstrong (who doesn't)

-Mike Dirnt

-Tre Cool


-the indians

-my skateboard. i named it whatsername and painted the cover of american idiot onto it & then wrote nice guys finish last on the bottom (some would call me obsessive)



-cheerleading (yeah, i'm a cheerleader. sue me.)

-sports in general

-punk rock

-my ipod

-my shoebox (really my room but it's waaaaaay too small for all my random crap that's in there) w/ all my awesome green day posters on the walls and green day pix taped up on the sides of furniture and even my horrible green day drawing that sucks ass that's somewhere in my room

-family, friends, etc

-1039 smoothed out slappy hours (yes, now i'm gonna name all the cd's)






-international superhits


-american idiot

-bullet in a bible

-my cell phone (its not the best type ever, but i still love it)

-this is gonna sound really shallow but money...and i'll explain why...me and my friends used to have this inside joke going that we were gonna go to a green day concert once they started touring again. then i was kinda like hey that's actually a good idea we really should go see them. so now i'm saving up enough $$$ to buy gd tix for me and some of my friends. which is really hard bc i always get tempted to spend but i know it'll be worth it. and that's why i love money. :]


-candyyyyyyyyyyy (yes i know its bad for you but i love it anyways)

-being sarcastic (according to my brother, i do it too much. but i don't really care)

-and lotsa other random stuff that i can't think of right now


-School. I know a lot of people do, but I doubt your school is as strict as mine. Does your school make you wear socks that cover your ankle or take away your study halls so that you can go pray the rosary? Does your school enforce the world's strictest dress code, with restrictions on what color ponytail holders you're allowed to wear? Does your school forbid you from wearing jewelry, unless it's religious, but even then it can't be more than 2 inches large, and on a thin gold or silver chain? Didn't think so.

-Avril Lavinge or however the hell you spell her poser-ass name. If you wanna see something horrible, go to youtube and search for "green day basket case" and before you find the actual video you find an entire page with crappy avril covers of it! (yeah, i found it whil looking for the real one) and at the end she screams out BASKET CASE GREEN DAY!! yeah avril as if we don't fucking know that song.

-Hilary Duff, although I like to call her Hairly Fuck. I swear, i used to be a huge fan of hers but now I fucking hate her. For example that dumbass song Beat of My heart or w/e. This is probaly what it originally sounded like:
To the thoughts in my
To the thoughts in my
To the thoughts in my brain
*cricket chirping*
Duff: Whoopsy! I forgot I don't have a brain *girly squeal/laugh* Yup, nothing in there!
Producer guy: oh god duff, let's just rewrite the friggen song about a heart. everyone has a working heart, or else they'd be dead!

-Green day haters: "Like zOMGz they like sold out". Yeah, maybe they just were confident enough to sign with reprise b/c they weren't afraid to put their music on a mainstream label where everyone in the world would hear it. It's called "taking a risk". Ever think about that?

-People who give Adie shit b/c she's married to Billie. "SheliketookmymanandilikeloveBillieanditslikenotevenfairbecausehecouldntevenwait
mrsbilliejoearmstrongand..." Yeah, he's hot. And I'm extremely jealous of her. But don't ya think that if you REALLY loved him, you'd be happy for him? I think she's a good person and I respect her. And if Billie's happy, I'm happy. Mmmmhmmm. Ya get it now? Good.

-War, poverty, hunger, etc

-Paris fuckin' Hilton, little miss "i'm only famous bc my rich daddy owns a multimillion hotel chain and i'm gonna get his money some day plus i've slept with every guy under the sun so i get all this publicity even though i'm like not really talented or anything like that". She annoys the crap outta me. >.<

-I know I'm gonna sound like the anti-girl here, but I hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE shopping. Ya wanna bore the living shit outta me, drag me into a store. I really don't get what's so great about spending a perfectly nice afternoon wandering around a store looking at clothes. Yeah, I have enough clothes, thanks.

-When magazines put freakin' anorexic ppl on the cover. As if everyone in the world who isn't like a size 2 is inferior.

-Some other stuff that I can't think of right now.

"They have bad taste. I am not a good-looking guy" -Billie Joe Armstrong
DAMN billie.
i must have bad taste then ^^

just randomly wasting space


you must have an awful lot of free time if you're reading this



y'know, i'm only doing this for your entertainment.

it's not like i actually have anything better to do

i'm bored

*longview starts playing*


ya wanna fuck billie joe?

you do?

well SO DO I. too bad for us.



our lives.

i mean here you are reading this and here i am typing all of it.

heehee x]

you may be asking why i'm doing this.

well, it's my profile and i can do whatever the hell i want with it. GEEZ! *gets mad*

jk (:

ok, now i'm seriously getting bored of this and i'm running out of things to say.


WAIT!! come back! i'm not done yet!!!

KIDDING. i'm done.


ok bye

*runs away*

Ok, this is a little bit better than it used to be. But it still sucks. It'll get better once I figure out how to add pix and stuff in here.

Name: Adrienne Armstrong...HA. I wish. Yeah, it's Lindsey but everyone calls me Linz.

Age: 13 on July 16

Height: 5' 7", kinda like a certain someone that we all know and love *cough*billiejoe*cough*

Weight: 100-105...something kinda like that

State: central Ohio, kinda near Columbus

Deep dark secrets (u better not tell anyone): I love Billie Joe...I've never actually admitted that out loud (but one of my friends kinda figured it out when she wrote LINZ ♥ BILLIE JOE on her mirror with dry erase markers and when I kinda forced her to erase it she was like "awww, you're blushing" XD...ok what else is there...I flipped some guy off once and then went home and thought I was gonna get expelled or something bc I thought my bus driver may have seen me do it so then I got freaked out but that was about 7 months ago and I'm still not expelled...I haven't eaten onions since the time in 3rd grade when they gave me stomach flu and now whenever I have spaghetti I won't eat it until I go through and pick out all the onions in the sauce (yes i know that's wierd)...and I have a huge secret stash of illegal bubble gum hidden in my room that I secretly chew even though I'm not allowed to with stupid braces.

Nationality: Over 75% German (No, I am not a Nazi. And yes, people have asked me that before) but also Irish, Polish, Scottish, British and I think maybe Austrian.

Fav book: Heat by Mike Lupica

Fav food: Billie Joe (if you get it, you're cool) ^^

Fav band: who do you think (in case you don't know, it's green day. but i also like the killers, panic! at the disco, all-american rejects, afi, taking back sunday, hinder, & stuff like that.)

Fav song: Actually, I have about 150 of them. And they're all green day songs.

Fav movie: Bullet in a bible

Fav sport: Baseball <3

Fav team: Cleveland Indians :] FUCK YEAH grady's on the cover of sports illustrated this week (5-11-07) just hope there's no si cover curse o.o

Hair color: Light brown/dirty blonde kinda

Eye color: Brownish, some people say hazel

Role model: Billie Joe Armstrong ♥

Fav TV show: uhh loaded: green day...american idol...and any baseball game that's on...and that's about it. I don't watch much TV

Fav quote: "You have the fucking power, we're the fucking leaders, don't let these bastards DICTATE YOUR LIFE!!! Or try to tell you what to do, alright?" -Billie Joe in Bullet in a Bible


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