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Emilie Marie. I'm probably one of the most honest to god people that you will ever meet in your lifetime. CNN and LMN are the two most watched channels in my world. MTV and Fuse are both overrated by now. Reality TV shows really fucking bore me. I don't see how you can sit on your ass all day and watch that shit. I'd rather curl up on the couch and hang with my friends, while watching LMN or bashing someone for being a fucking dumbass and not knowing what the hell they are even talking about, yet they think that they do watch what's happening on CNN and actually know what's going on, instead of just agreeing with Billie Joe celebrities. If you want to waste your time not having your own damn opinion, be my fucking guest, just don't try to tell me I'm wrong or that my beliefs are wrong.

Coming into this world on February fifth, nineteen ninety-four, I've been told that I'm more mature then my sister most sixteen year olds. Thinking that I was a boy, my mom was surprised when they brought in a baby girl wrapped in a pink and white knitted blanket, thanks grandma. R.I.P. I love you. I've been told that I'm like one of the boys, considering I don't like dresses and/or skirts. But to shock most of you, I do shop at Aeropostale. I find their shirts cute, same with some of their shorts. But I like Hot Topic's shirts and skinny jeans. Say what you want, more than likely I'll be called a poser. "Say it to my face and you might be picking yourself up off the ground."

Personally, I like how I look. Most people are like 'OMG IM SOOOOOOOOOOO BIGEH! I LOOKEH LYKE A WHALEH.'. If you don't like how you look, exercise or go on a diet. Don't just sit here and complain to me, about how you don't look like a stick-thin model. I happen to like my curves. It's who I am. DEAL WITH IT BITCHES!

Writing is like nicotine. Once I started a couple years ago, I never in a million years thought I would be writing slash or fan-fiction, or that I would be apart of this amazing little huge family known as Mibba. This website is like my family away from my family. I've met so many amazing people on here, that I wish want to meet in real life one day. You know who you are. THANK GUYS! ♥ Now that I've been on this site for more then a year, I've realized that it's grown on me. Mibba is like this wart, that just won't go away, no matter how many times you try to freeze it off. OUCH!

Over the years, this band these three men from Oakland, California grew on me. I remember when I was three or four, watching the tape that my dad the biggest fanboy in the history of fanboys recorded from Woodstock '94, and wondering 'Who the hell are those kids with green, blue and sandy hair?' As I grew older and I happened to be channel flipping American Idiot came out, I realized that the colored haired kids, were the same men as the men in Green Day. Stealing Burrowing Dookie and Kerplunk from my dad, and buying American Idiot, it seemed as though those lyrics were written for me. Loving their lyrics, I bought the rest of their Cd's.

"Green Day has been one of the most effective band that I have heard in a while. They may have been singing about masturbation, drugs and shit like that. But now, they are helping people. No, they aren't pulling the razor away from your wrist, but they are making it a hell of a lot easier. Green Day has changed a lot of people and have made a lot of people different and better people. They just have this vibe about them that makes you want to listen to their music, that makes you want to be a better individual. The lyrics that they write can be extremely serious, or they can make you laugh your ass off, until you can't breath. I know that being a Green Day fan, doesn't mean that I just like them for their looks, but that I like their music and that I like them themselves, not just because their 'hot' and 'sexy'. But because they have helped me and are helping millions of us, just with their lyrics and I thank them for that."

All content and icons/banners belong to me, unless stated beneath it. My hard work and effort are put into those and I would greatly appreciate it if you would credit me if you do decide to ,steal take/burrow my icons and/or banners. Now for my stories, steal my plots or anything from them and I will find out. I, along with many other, do lurk the story sections. So please save me the trouble and a bunch of other authors and come up with your own shit things.


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