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hmmmmmm.......what to say about me......well....I live in a place called Indiana which is in the US for those who are in a different country, I love love love writing, i'm on mibba, for those who know what it is, everyday. uhhhh.....hmmm...well I'm really weird, if you want to talk to me just for random purposes i'll be happy! For all i know we could go off and rant about the different kinds of cheese (i love cheese by the way....chedder cheese....) and of course i LOVE talking about Green Day, I talk/think about them all day anyway so....yeah! If you wanna talk just e-mail/IM me and i'll be happy to talk!!! i love talking......

Fave. Music-- Green Day. My Chemical Romance. Paramore. Aerosmith. Flyleaf. Nirvana. Evanescence. A Fine Frenzy. Queen. The Clash. The Cure. The Ramones. The Beetles. The Veronicas. The Replacements. Pink Floyd. Ozzy Osbourne. Black Sabbath. Marilyn Manson. Sex Pistols. Generation x. Bikini Kill. U2. Led Zeppelin. AC/DC. 30 Seconds To Mars. Linkin Park. Plain White T's. Rob Zombie. Shinedown. Elvis. Nickelback. Seether. Motley Crue. Def Leppard. Alice In Chains. Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers. There's more but i can't trhink of them right now.


Oh gawd. Billie Joe Armstrong. What to say about him.....well, It's kinda hard to put it into words as to how much this guy means to me. I love him so much and it's not like, "LYkE OmGZ, I LOvE BiLLY JO!!!! He'S SoOOoOo HaWT!" Ohhhhhh no. Nothing like that. It's a different kinda love. Maybe it's more of an admiration. I admire him for who he is and if I got the chance to meet him I'd thank him for what he has done for me. Without him, I'm not sure if i'd be the same person that i am now. Well, actually, I'm quite sure i wouldn't be. Without him I'm afriad that I'd still be listening to that crappy pop stuff that I don't like to call music, I'm afriad that if it wern't for him, I'd probably not have the understanding of gay and bisexual people (i'd probably hate them, who knows?). At first when I found out that Billie was bisexual, I have to be honest, it kinda creeped me out because at that time, ha! I was only maybe 11 years old and knew nothing about sexuality besides the girl/guy thing. But I realized that him being bisexual is not creppy at all and it doesn't mean he's a bad person. He's just the opposite. He's an amazing person. Although sometimes I may get frustrated at him because i don't know, maybe he can get to be too cocky, too sarcastic. But that's who he is and the good things about him deffinately don't compare to the bad things. I don't wanna say he's perfect, because that's impossible, but he's close enough to perfect for me. i don't care about the people who hate them. Seriously, I could care less about the, "OMG Billie is soooo gay!" kind of comments. i actually laugh at them because it's like whatever, you know. They think they're gonna change the way i feel about him??? Hell no! If it wern't for him I wouldn't be playing guitar, and I wouldn't have the suggestion of being in a band. My band may need work, It's just me and my friend Jamie. I know we're gonna need more people in the band, but I know we'll find them sooner or later. I love love love writing songs, poetry, stories, everything, although I think Jamie's a better writer. But Billie was the one who gave me that inspiration to write in the first place. I wouldn't be writing right now if it wern't for him. He really created my life, he changed my whole outlook on life. He taught me to never give up even though you don't have much you can still make it. To me I think Billie is such a strong person. Growing up with five siblings, his dad dying of cancer when he was only ten, and not having a lot of money, and yet, he still made it through and followed his dreams. You have to give him credit for that. He showed me to give sympathy to others that have hardly anything and I never would have had the urge to become an environmentalist and needing to help people in any way I can. I WANT to help people. Make a difference in this world of heart ache and confusion. I'd give anything just to go to New Orleans to help re-build. As i'm typing this, it's August 29th, the second annerversary of Hurricane Katrina. We talked about this in my Geography class today and just makes people realize is that there's still a lot of damage there. And next to come (ALREADY), 9/11. Yet another horrible anneversary from the terrorist attack. It just seems like yesterday when it was 9/11 of 2006. That's just proof of how fast the years go. Anyway....that's why I love Billie Joe. I'm sure there's more reasons why i love him soooo much but if i told you this profile would be like, a mile long. I'm not even sure if you guys are still reading

Other places where you can find me: My Mibba. My Myspace. Deviantart. Best Thing In Town Forum. (I'm Cheerio.Chelsea. on there lol) Live Journal. My Buzznet.


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