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where MCR is from<3

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What's up people?!

My name is Kierstyn.

I'm 16.

I'm where My Chemical Romance live when they're not on tour.

I play drums. (Thanks for Tre for inspiring me to<33)

The first drumbeat I learned was "Wake Me Up When September Ends."

My fav. Green Day song is Minority.

Comment me and more will be coming soon.<33


It all started In 7th Grade :
7th grade is when I got my first Green Day album, Americal Idiot. ( Don't give me any crap saying "Oh! You're not a true fan cuz American Idiot was your first album!"<<BULLSHIT PEOPLE! ). After listening to the album so many times, I grew to love and love Green Dat more and more. Then, the obbseeion started! Everday, it was a GD t-shirt and talking about them everyday. That's why I love them today.


The Drumming :
Mr. Tre Cool was the member I was totally in love with. Since I knew my dad played drums when he was my age, I though 'Well, why can't I play drums like my dad AND Tre?'. So on one New Year's Eve, my mom, dad, and I went to a party at our friends house. Knowing he had a drumkit, I sat behind it and played "Wake Me Up When September" for the first time EVER. My dad loved how I still play drums today, and it's all thanks to him, and Tre Cool!<3


I also love My Chemical Romance and other today's rock bands! I'm also an 80s geek! I love Motley Crue!!

Um hey everyone. I dont go on here anymore..not as much as I use to. Im sorry. But I can write a little about Green Day updates::
I finally saw them on July 28th, 2009. It was amazing. 35 songs from 9pm to 12am. Hopefully Ill be seeing them again soon. American Idiot The Musical seems like the most amazing play ever. My parents want to see it. And since we're very close to New York, its a yes that Im going to see it and i cant wait.

Hit me up on mibba.com , Im on there everyday.
USER: jerseyxemoxgirl
(if i change it, you might never find me.)
Keep rocking Green Day fans :]]<3

Another update! I'm in computer class at the moment so I thought of coming on here! I saw Green Day again on August 14th, 2010 in New Jersey and they were again amazing. 32 songs from 8:15pm to midnight. American Idiot on Broadway was amazing! Went to the play on April 25th, 2010; I really suggest you go see it! I turned 18 on August 18th (Green Day was a birthday gift!) and soon I will be getting my Green Day tattoo! Hope to come on again soon Smile



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