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About me? Weeellll, I am a huge Green Day fan and have been for about the last four years now, when I first discovered them. Wish it would've been longer. Wink I also like other bands such as Foxboro Hot Tubs (of course), HIM, Daniel Lioneye, 69 Eyes, Evanescence, Papa Roach, Hinder, Buck Cherry, Ramones, The Offspring, and a whole lot more.

And yes, I do listen to other genres such as some hip hop and r&b and yes, I do listen to country music. So deal with it. It's what I was raised on listening to until I turned 12 and learned how to operate the radio myself, then I discovered Green Day. =]

I love to make fictional and factional love/romance videos/stories about favorite singers. lol...

-I sing.
-I dance.
-I am learning to play guitar.
-I'm currently single.
-I absolutely LOVE to write.
-I write everything.
-Poems, songs, short stories, chapter stories, children stories, essays, book reports, articles, you name it!
-Singing and writing are two of my biggest passions!
-I will someday meet the bands, Green Day, HIM, Evanescence, and skater Bam Margera personally.
-Once I've done that, I'll die a happy person. Smile
-I watch Viva La Bam as much as possible.
-I watch the Ellen Degeneres Show everyday and never miss it for anything. She's hilarious. Think what you want, I don't care. That don't change who I am.
-I have a lot of nick names.
-My most recent nick name is "Miss Joy and Sorrow" because there's no doubt I can bring both where ever I go. Wink
-I want to die my hair Electric Blue someday!
-Billie Joe Armstrong is the reason I write to this day. He was my very first inspiration. Smile
-My mom is my rock and my world.
-I love my family to death.
-God, above all, is my hero.
-I wish to become a singer someday and if not that, then I want to write and publish books.

This here should some it up for you!

-I'm fun.
-I'm Funny.
-I'm Kind.
-I'm Caring.
-I'm Loving.
-I'm Lovely.
-I'm Darling.
-I'm Challenging.
-I'm Risky.
-I'm Daring.
-I'm hard to deal with.
-I'm a prankster.
-I'm bull headed.
-I'm stubborn.
-I'm rebellious.
-I'm an 'in your face' type girl.
-I'm my own person.
-I'm not what you want me to be.
-I am who I am.
-I'm short.
-I'm tall.
-I'm average.
-I'm extra.
-I'm a pain in your butt.
-I'm a crook in your neck.
-I'm good enough.
-I'm not enough.
-I'm a razorblade kiss.
-I'm a heartache.
-I'm a heartbreak.
-I'm broken.
-I'm all together.
-I'm perfect.
-I'm silly.
-I'm whacky.
-I'm a rocker chic.
-I'm a lover of Green Day.
-I'm a loyal Green Day fan who will always stay true.
-I'm a HUGE HIM fan.
-I'm a lover of Ville Valo.
-I'm a lover of Bam Margera.
-I'm immortal.
-I'm strong.
-I'm weak.
-I'm I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.
-I'm far from original.
-I'm an extraordinary girl.
-I'm a rebel.
-I'm a saint.
-I'm not your type.
-I'm perfect for you.
-I'm the best thing yet.
-I'm far from the best.
-I'm backwards .
-I'm all mixed up.
-I'm all messed up.
-I'm anything but ordinary.
-I'm guaranteed to mess things up.
-I'm unique.
-I'm antique.
-I'm beautiful.
-I'm ugly.
-I'm pretty.
-I'm disgusting.
-I'm gorgeous.
-I'm sexy.
-I'm just a pretty face.
-I'm stupid.
-I'm smart.
-I'm dumb.
-I'm cute.
-I'm nothing.
-I'm anything.
-I'm everything .
-And I'm so much more.

I've heard it all so I don't need to be told, and better spoken, I am who I am, your approval isn't needed.

My favorite quote:

"You can consider me as one of two things, a tattoo or a scar. Either way, when you walk away from my life, I'll be permanently marked on your heart forever."

I hope you'll read my stories and comment!

Thanks for viewing, because if you've read this far, you've obviously read something that's intrigued you, or at least caught your eye. Fell free to send me an add or drop me a line. I'm always up for new friends. Smile

Hugs and Razorblade Kisses
Miss Joy and Sorrow



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