broken dreams blvd.

broken dreams blvd.
Jessie C. S.
Monrovia CA, USA

Member since July 7th, 2009


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i am from Monrovia, California, USA, and i LOVE monkeyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Things i love-


-Green Day

-my mom

-my dad

-my old fart boxer dog, Shelby (HE'S A MALE!)

-my friends

-my sweet boyfriend, Josh

-Tre` Cool


My fave colors are-

- all the colors in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)


-my most fave colors are red and black (Green Day colors!!!!)

I am an outgoing person who pretty much is friends with anybody who isn't an all that bitch. I am the kind of person who is loyal to their friends. I am a very picky person when it comes too food.... here are some of my faves-

-Mac n Cheese (Duh!!!! who dosen't love it????)

-fruits and vegies

- and any kind of junk food

Of cose i love a lot more things but these are my faves

oh gosh i was gonna say the things i hate but... well what the hell-

-my ex boyfriend

-snotty ass all that bitches

and that's pretty mush all the things i hate!! I am just a loving person!! Is it bad to be too loving??? i guess 50/50.

Okay here comes the long part - fave music and bands-

Okay you really didn't think i would put all my fave bands would you??!!???!!! That would be like 50 different names!!! Instead i think i'll do just the top ten that come in my mind-

- my fave kind of music is rock

-my fave bands and musicans are-

1. Green Day

2. John Mayer Trio

3. Missy Higgins

4. pink

5. no doubt

6. the Beatles (When they were together)

7. Gwen Stafani (No Doubt)

8. Evanescence

9. Michael Jakson (1958-2009)

10. lilly allen

And my music tadte is A LOT greater and wider than this.

I think once you get to know whose someone's fave bands and music you really, really know them. And plz dont say any thing about spelling and grammar shit cause most of the time i dont know how to spel.

Hope you enjoyed this!!! Read my blogs!!! =D <3333333333


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