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Age: 12, 13 on September 3rd
Actual Town: Butler, PA which is the real life equivelant to Jingletown in every aspect
Theme Song: Basket Case by Green Day.

Heyyy, my name is Summer. I'm the only true individual I know. And I's iz Wiccan (:. I have a lot of things I hate. The most bein' the color pink, classic rock, girly girls, and goody goodies. I love a lot of shit too. Like: Green Day, BJ Armstrong, the color black, gay rights (Go MA Very Happy), watchin' people get pissed when I tell 'em, "I don't care, fuck off and die." xD, and punk music. This is who I am: Punk, an almost 13 year old girl with big boobs xD, the target of many insults, someone who loves dyin' their hair, someone who hasn't seen their natural hair since 3rd grade, and someone who is bi-sexual. I know I'm bi-sexual. I'm not like the other girls who say they are just 'cuz their 'bi-curious.' I don't have a gender preferance either d:. I know I'm punk, too. I listen to punk music and have the ideology. I've had the ideology before I even knew what punk was and I've always had an attraction to loud, messy, angry, and passionate music. Despite dressing 'weird' and in what people perceive as punk-style, I am well aware it has nothin' at all to do with fashion.

This is who I am. I like who I am and I won't let anyone, no matter how much authority, change that.
You Say Pink
I Say Black And Red

You Say Paris Hilton
I Say Brody Dalle

You Say Zac Efron
I Say Billie Joe Armstrong

You Say Pop
I Say Punk

You Say I'm Weird
I Say I Have An Identity

You Say Twilight
I Say Elizabeth Bathory

You Say Straight
I Say Naive

You Say Shut Up
I Say Fuck You

You Say Braids
I Say Mohawk

You Say Blonde Highlights
I Say Purple With Blue Highlights

kk, peace (:


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