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R.I.P. Ryan Dunn. You'll forever be loved and missed.

What's up? I'm kinda new, yeah, cool. Pull a nickel out of a hat and you get me! That makes no cents. I'm okay with that. Let's be friends! I strongly dislike mortgage payments and the bump on the back of my head. those are the only things I dislike. Smile You can talk to me, you know.

My name's Oaklei . It's pronounced "oak-lee". Because I hate my real name. Which is Jordan. If it's not apparent, My mother hates my guts. She also likes to remind me about it. Frankly, I'm okay with it because I haven't needed her that much. That is, besides permission slip signatures.

I have Synesthesia. I see my numbers and letters with personalities and colors. All of my memories are either blue(Bad), or Orange(good). I taste certain sweets when I hear certain words. If I hear "Kindergarten", I taste Keebler's Fudge striped cookies and plastic.

Another quirk about me is that I was born with the ability to have lucid dreams. These are dreams in which I always know I'm dreaming, sleep deeper than the normal population, and control my dreams. It comes in handy when a giant spider hops out from behind a building.

I'm 17 and I have loved Green Day since I was 3. My uncle would play their CD's to shut me up and put me to bed. Funny how long they stayed with me. I owe most of my sanity (if you can call it that) to those 3 men. I saw them in concert last summer for the first time. My ex broke up with me the next day, and I couldn't have cared less. Smile Image

I can't drink Dark soda. I'll puke. it upsets my stomach too much. >Sad It really sucks because that includes energy drinks too. like Roskstar. R.I.P. Deliciousness. You are greatly missed.

I am in the production crew at my school. I am the head flyman, meaning I bring things in an out of the sky for the scenes. I also go to an Academy. Everyone assumes it's private, and it's not too far off. There's no uniforms and no tuition.

My little sister is my best friend.

I'm Peter Pan.

Another thing.I believe I'm in love. thought you should know. Smile



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