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30 Ways to know you're a true Green Day fan
(I'm hoping to live up to this!)

1. You have other albums than American Idiot *yes*
2. You know other songs than American Idiot *yes*
3. You have Bullet in a Bible *working on it*
4. When someone says 'cool' you start thinking Tre Cool *yes
5. Green is one of your favorite colors *yes*
6. You hate George W. Bush *noncommital shrug*
7. You celebrate their birthdays *hell yes*
8. Your walls are covered in their posters *yes*
9. If you don't have all of their albums/dvd's, you never give up on looking for them *yes*
10. You're against war *yes*
11. You have sent an e-mail to George Bush from *yes*
12. You buy anything that has something to do with Green Day *yes*
13. You're not ashamed to wear their merchandise stuff in school or anywhere in public *yes*
14. You scream when you hear one of their songs on the radio *yes*
15. You buy every magazine that has something about them *not really, im broke...*
16. You (almost) cry when you forget to watch one of their interviews on Tv *yes*
17. At least one of their songs has emotional meaning to you *yes*
18. You start laughing in the middle of a class in school when you remember something they have said or done in an interview *yes*
19. If someone talks shit about them, you get offended and punch that motherfucker(or at least kick or something) *yes*
20. You have heard all of their songs *working on it*
21. You listen to their music everyday *yes*
22. You remember many of their quotes *yes*
23. Some of their songs make you just wanna jump around and dance *yes*
24. You want to play guitar/bass/drums just like Billie Joe/Mike/Tre does *yes*
25. You make sure you spell the band name 'Green Day' and not 'green day' (or greenday) *yes*
26. You truly love each of the band members *yes*
27. You (almost) scream out of happiness everytime you watch Bullet in a Bible *havn't seen it yet*
28. You never shut up about them *haha yes*
29. You have read Catcher in the rye because it's Billie Joe's favorite book (and you loved it) *yes*
30. You have this on your profile *yes*


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