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Why do the mods keep locking my threads? Do they hate me?

Well, they might, but that isn't why they are locking your threads. Threads have to meet a certain criteria, or we have to lock them. If you are curious about what is acceptable and what is not, here are some pointers:

For more information on this subject visit our thread on Why Threads Are Locked.

How do I format text in my posts? (make it bold, italic, post images, ect)

In order to format your text you use a system of tags known as BBcode. BBcode allows you to make text bold, italic, colorful, small, big, ect. BBcode works on the message board for your posts. It can also be used in blogs, blah blahs, profiles, and profile comments. In some cases the BBcode you use is limited, for example you can't post pictures in profile comments. All BBcodes work on the message board. To learn how to use BBcode visit our BBcode tutorial.

What are the message board ranks?

GSB has a total of 16 ranks, which are:

Those are the ranks for regular site users. You may also see someone with the rank of Moderator or Administrator. To get a certain rank you have to meet requirements such as having a certain number of posts and being on the board for a certain amount of time. To see these requirements you can visit our ranks information page.

How do I get a signature/avatar/mood icon?

Your signature, avatar, and mood icon are all controlled in your "My GSB" section. At the top of the page you'll see a little toolbar and one of the options is My GSB. Once you have selected that, you will then need to look on the left toolbar of the new page and select the avatar option to change your avatar. Avatars can be no more than 100x100 pixels and must be no bigger than 40 kb. To get a signature, you'll need to go to the settings option in your GSB. From there you can set your time zone, your site template, signature, and your mood icon as well. A mood icon is a small emotion that appears next to your username on message board posts.

How do I put images in my post?

Images are placed in posts using BBcode. To post an image, you first need an image URL. You can obtain this by right clicking a picture, and it will say "Address (url)" and next to that will be a url. It should end in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png. Copy that URL and paste it into your post. Then you put BBcode tags around it so it should look like [img](url here)[/img]. For a detailed explanation of how to post pictures you can visit the How to Post Pictures thread.

What is an inactive topic?

If a thread hasn't been posted in for more than a 30 days it becomes inactive. Once a thread is inactive, chances are it doesn't need to be posted in anymore because the subject is old and no longer relevant. However sometimes threads are still usable, in that case you may post in an inactive thread. Before you post in an inactive thread you have to check a box stating that your post is serious and contributes to the topic, and that you aren't just bumping an old thread.

What are the different sections of the board for?

There are different subsections on the message board, and each section contains different forums. Different forums have different functions

General Board

The General Board contains forums that aren't related to the site or to Green Day. This section contains the So What's New Everyone forum. This is a forum for socializing and getting to know the other members of the board. Inside this forum you will find a subforum, Personal Stuff. The personal stuff forum is for you to make a thread about any issues you may be having, and friendly GSBians can offer you some advice. The Im New forum is for all the new users to make a thread to introduce themselves, and older GSBians can welcome them. You can also find the Specific Discussion forum which is where you can debate and discuss important issues. We also have a Photo forum for all your picutre posting needs. This forum is intended for all non-Green Day related photos. The last forum in this section is the Games and Polls forum, where you can play forum games and participate in polls.

Green Day

The Green Day section of the board is where all things related to the band go. There is a forum for the entire band, and Billie Joe, Mike and Tre each have their own forum in this section too. There is a forum to discuss past and present tours. The Video and MP3 forum can be a great place to find Green Day media.


This section of the board is for all things related to the site. The GSB Rules and Updates forum will keep you out of trouble and informed about what's happening on the site. If you're ever having problems on the site you can tell us about it in the Support forum. We're always open to your suggestions to help improve GSB, and you can offer them in the Ideas/Suggestion forum. We also have forums where you can leave comments on the sites articles and song meanings.

Creative Thoughts

This section is for things related to writing. The stories forum contains the newest information on everything you need to know about Mibba, and posting your story. You can also comment on other peoples stories in this forum. There is also a forum for you to get help with writting. The poetry forum is also found here, and it's full of wonderful poems waiting for you to read and comment on. You can also post your own poems here.


This section of the board, as the name implies, if for the other things that didn't fit into the other categories. You will find forums for other bands and other websites. You can talk about your favorite books, TV shows, movies, and more in the entertainment forum. For the more musical people on GSB you can discuss tabs, instruments, and ask musical questions in our musicians forum.

Other Languages/Countries

This section of the site contains multiple forums for many different countries, and different languages are spoken throughout these forums.

Im sick of being a newbie, how do I get my rank to go up?

You have to be on the board for a certain length of time, and you have to have a certain number of posts. The best way for you to move to a different rank is to remain active on the message board.

How do I make a thread?

Steps to Making a Good Thread

  1. Search! Search! Search! Make sure your topic isn't a duplicate.  
  2. Make sure the thread you wish to create doesn't violate any of the site rules.
  3. You need to find the correct forum on the message board. So for example if you wanted to make a thread on a band, you would use the artists forum.
  4. After you have made sure your topic is original and you're in the right forum, you will see a link that says "Create a new topic", click that.
  5. Give your thread an appropriate title. You wouldn't name a thread "I like clouds" if it was about Britney Spears. Your title should clearly indicate what the thread is about, titles should also begin with a capital letter.
  6. Give enough information about the subject of your thread. If it's about a band, artist, movie, book, political issue, or things similar to that be sure to include background information on the topic so that others understand the purpose of the thread. If it's a game or poll clearly explain the rules of the game or questions you're asking.
  7. Before submiting a thread, hit the preview button. Read over your thread and make sure you've done everything above. Make sure all your BBcode was entered correctly and that everything is neat and organized.
  8. Hit submit and you're finished.

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