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Why can't I post blogs?

Blogs are for serious subjects only. We don't allow profanity or spam.The blog section is moderated, and if you break those rules you lose your ability to access that section of the site. If you have any questions or comments about blogs, you can send an email to admin@geekstinkbreath.net.

What is My GSB?

My GSB is your own, personal section of GSB. You control all aspects of your account from that section, so it's important that you understand how it works. Each section of "My GSB" is explained below.


This is the section of My GSB that controls your private messages. Your inbox contains any messages you may receive from other users. You can also create folders to save any messages that are important to you. To send another user a message you use the send option also found in the message section. You just enter their username, a subject, and a message in the correct space. When you send a message, there is the option to save a copy of the message in your sent messages section.


The Info section of your profile is where you edit the parts of your profile that other users can see. Your name, location, date of birth, gender, short info, and about section are all contained here. You can use BBcode in your profile to edit it and make it look cool. Your short info also appears in your profile, and next to other things you post such as blah blahs and blogs. You are not obligated to post your real location if you don't wish to reveal that. It isn't recommended that you give a detailed answer, a country is enough. You can also be creative and make something up. Your profile photo is a small icon that shows up next to things you post on GSB, and on your profile. It doesn't show up on the message board, your avatar does. Your contact information is a place for you to share your MSN, AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo messenger addresses. You can also post your Myspace URL. This is optional, and any information you post will be visible on your profile. The settings section of your profile allows you to pick your time zone, and you can choose if you would like to receive email notifications when you get a new private message. You also change your username, password and email address with the profile section of My GSB.

Message Board

The message board section of my gsb, as the name implies, controls all aspects of how you use the message board. You can adjust your site template, mood icon, screen resolution, signature and post template under the settings section. You can also change your avatar, which is a small 100x100 pixel graphic that is displayed by your message board posts. You can find many Green Day themed avatars in our avatar section. My Topics is a section of My GSB that shows all the message board threads you have made. You can also view any topics you have bookmarked in this section. The history section gives you information on all the posts you have made. You can also view any threads you have subscribed to. If you're a member of a user group, you can access information about your group as well.

Blogs, Wallpapers, Fan Art, and Dictionary Terms

You have the ability to upload wallpapers, fan art, and dictionary terms to GSB. If you wish for your wallpaper to be featured on the site, it needs to be the correct size, so that it is usable. 1024x 768 pixels is a good size to use. All content you upload must be your own. You can also make blogs. This section of the site is moderated and you can't post random entries, spam isn't allowed. Profanity is not allowed either. Do not submit copyrighted material, everything you submit has to be original. If you make reference to an online article, book, or some other source you must give them credit and not plagiarize their work.

Photo Gallery

This is the section of the site that allows you to see upload photos that are displayed on your profile. You are allowed to upload 3 photos and they must be in JPG or JPEG format.


The My Friends section shows who is on your friend list, and also displays their custom name if you have created one for them. You can also remove friends from this section. Your friends requests can also be viewed here. Before someone can be displayed on your friends list you have to accept their request. The My Request section shows requests you have sent to other people. You can also categorize your friends and place them in groups.

Why can't I log in?

There are a few possible reasons as to why you are having trouble logging in.

Make sure you have the correct username and password. If that isn't your problem then your account may still need to be activated, so check your email and make sure you did everything that the activation email directed you to do. You will need to activate your account when you change your email address and when you first register. Your account will also be inactive if you're banned. Do NOT make another account if you're banned, that will only result in all of your accounts being banned, making your situation even worse. If you aren't getting an error message your brower won't allow the site to set cookies. You need to delete your cookies to fix the problem

  • Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet Options - Delete Cookies... - OK
  • Firefox: Tools - Options - Cookies - View Cookies - Select GeekStinkBreath.net - Remove Cookies
  • Opera: Tools - Preferences - Advanced - Cookies - Manage cookies... - Select GeekStinkBreath.net - Delete
  • AOL Browser: Start Internet Explorer and follow the steps above for that browser.
  • If none of those solve your problem you will need to send an email to admin@geekstinkbreath.net explaining your problem. If you have forgotten your username or password you need to include your email address so that we can look up your information.

    Why can't I see the fan art/wallpaper I just uploaded?

    The fan art and wallpapers are activated by moderators, and until they activate them you won't be able to see them on the site. Don't worry, it won't take the mods very long.

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