OMG! Moving up in the world!

wow.. GSB has blogs now.. Awesome! haha.. my friend said it reminds him of myspace. lol. Well in my blog, you may find chessy poetry, me raving about what a bad/good day I have had and what not... so heres a little taste of what ur getting...
its called I Insist.. its stupid, poetic rage.. babbling.. lol.. I was mad yesterday when I wrote it. Hence Poetic Rage

I insist if you need to say anything, you speak now. Now is the time for you to apprehend all of the thoughts you are hiding and tell me at once. I don't care if they hurt me. I'll get over it! I'm human, I can forgive. I know how to forgive, most of the time.
Speak softly. Breathe quietly. For we are safe in your arms. No one can touch nor harm us. Yet you dropped me, leaving me underground. Thus I have lost the respect I have been gathering all these years. Watch now, for all the days are gone. Breathe. I was once told that I should trust, love and let live. How can i trust when i cannot love and I'm not able to live. I'm haulted, stuck in pause. Pushed aside by someone I love. Ditched for you to go to another. Fine, be that way. I'll just sit here until you come back, I believe not. I'm not the type to crawl up to you wanting attention, but it's kind of hard when sometimes I actually want a little attention. Just a few minutes to talk, hug, or share. Just a few seconds to stare into your eyes to let me know you still care. Just a moment to let you realize I'm there. Not mention you're a hard person to forget.

Posted on January 15th, 2007 at 11:49am


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