Don Imus.

"Natty haired ho's"

Some of you may be familiar with that quote
[I hope I said it right, I did it from memory.]

That was recently stated by Don Imus.
As soon as he said that, of course the black community through a hissy fit!
Especially Al Sharpen, cause lord knows he's never said something insulting

People are way too uptight these days, and I can't believe that Don Imus lost his job because he said something that sounds like heavenly words compared to what you hear if you go into a "Rough" neighborhood aka "da hood"

And what of the famous musicians [mainly rappers] that in their music, they refer to women as ho's and bitches. They even degrade white people. Does that seem fair?

Sure, it's ok for Snoop to refer to black women as his bitches, but as soon as a white man says black women have natty hair, he looses his job.
I hope that everyone that contributed to Imus losing his job feels good about themselves. They destroyed a man's life, just cause he said something that "Hurt Your Feelings." If you don't like what he said, change the channel on the radio station.

I'll admit, saying "Ho's" was offending. But, MY GOODNESS! He apologized. He went on NATIONAL television and apologized.
Posted on April 11th, 2007 at 07:24pm


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