Self-titled - Alexisonfire

I posted it on the old GSB, I thought I'd post it again.

44. Caliber Love Letter

First of all, the guitar intro to the song is amazing. George Pettit's vocals on that track are absolutely great. The subtlety of beautiful power-screamed lyrics, classic. Also interesting: the spoken parts, which give it a great edge.

Counterparts and Number them

The first thing that hooked me on that song was the fast guitar riff at the beginning. Pretty ironic lyrics, especially the "Jennifer, they lied to you when they said you couldn't breathe underwater" part. Again, the vocals make all the difference. Great Track.


What makes this song so listen-worthy is the amazing symbiosis between Dallas Green's melodic voice and George's power-scream. Beautiful lyrics, the "Day time, Twilight, Pitch Black, Nightlight" part is really catchy (pardon the expression). Also the piano outro makes it unique and really genialistic.

A Dagger through the Heart of St. Angeles

Not the best track on the album, but a very rad song nonetheless. Well-written lyrics. Sadly, we can't hear them very well (Dallas doesn't sing on that track, except some lines at the end. And even then, he's not very clear either). Nice spoken part, though.

Polaroids of Polar Bears

The song has meaningful lyrics, but it seems it can't make up it's mind about being a slow song or a heavy song. Again, the spoken part is sweet. And yes, they do use the expression 'Polaroids of Polar Bears' in the song. Haha

Water Wings (and other poolside fashion faux-pas)

Radtacular heavy-and-fast guitar riff all the way through. And nice lyrics about a pool-boy who seems to have stolen his boss' wife. Great vocals, as always. Awesome track, one of my favorites, definitely.

Where No One Knows

Dallas' vocals on that track are simply beautiful. He definitely steals the show on that one. Great lyrics also.

The Kennedy Curse

Pretty angsty lyrics, and raging drum beat and heavy guitar riff. George's vocals sound even meaner than usual... And Dallas' even softer. Great contrast between the two.


Sweet lyrics. A love song, definitely. The song reminds us of Adelleda, in a way. The beat is quite... Catchy (again, that expression). Beautiful track.

Little Girls Pointing and Laughing

Amazingly well-written song, as a whole. Dallas' vocals are absolutely haunting and so are George's. Again, fantastic spoken part, in the form of what would seem to be a phone call. Awesome track.

Pulmonary Archery

The intro to that song is absolute love. I absolutely adore the great fusion between all the instruments combined with the power-screamed lyrics and Dallas' heavenly voice. The bridge is one of the best things on this track. Rad way of ending the album.

For an overall score of 9.5/10. It's an absolutely great album. It was hard making a review track-by-track, because what makes this album so amazing is that all the tracks have something to bring to the album and make it flowing and easy to listen to. It was a good way of introducing us to the band, and with that album, they formed a legion of fans that were all eager for their next opus (that would be Watch Out!, one of the most amazing albums I've been given to listen to, honestly). Awesome album by an awesome band who will never cease to surprise us.

"On a scale from Radtacular to Fantabulous..."...I give it a Terrificalicious.
Posted on April 15th, 2007 at 12:22pm


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