Virginia Tech.

I know that many of you have probably heard all about the Virginia Tech shooting, but it is just so bothersome to me. I feel so compelled to say my bit of how I feel. Being a sophomore on a campus that just suffered a recent tragedy (though not in the same magnitude of VT), I just have to say that I am shocked, appalled, and confused. I can’t grasp just how a student- a senior English student- could just open up fire on his fellow students. 32 people are dead. 2 of them are Professors that received their education here at Purdue.

The reports stated that Cho Seung-Hui had been described as very morbid and dark. It’s just so creepy because he’s a fellow English major… Teachers and other students stated that his writing was so grotesque and morbid, that he was referred to the university’s counseling service. I just wish that something would have been done to help him. He obviously had problems... I know that myself, and several of my fellow English majors here, write dark and demented pieces at times... Hell, I just wrote a short story for the Mibba competition in which you write a story about a person being on death row. My story is definitely morbid, but there’s a point where it gets too much. I mean, this guy wrote a play on a step-son throwing chainsaws and hammers at a step-father, but violently killing the step-father with a Rice Krispy Treat. While I’m positive that some people found it humorous that he used a common candy to kill someone, but it you delve deeper- he took something that often brings a child momentary happiness and turned it into a sick weapon that, yes, did bring a type of happiness, but also a violent death.

It just baffles me that anyone could be capable of randomly shooting that many people. As I sat in my 301 class today, I thought about what had happened. It was hard not to, the VT killings made the front page of the Purdue student newspaper. But this student came into a classroom and just shot the professor in the head. It disturbed me to think about it, but I wondered what would happen if that were to occur in that class… This professor is by far my favorite. The class my favorite. Many of the students are becoming close friends of mine. If someone came into my class and shot my professor and my fellow classmates, I think I’d just rather stand up and ask to be killed. There would be no way I could ever continue on after witnessing that.

When Wade Steffey was found, it was such a bad day. I stood in front of the area as the police carried his body out and placed it into an unmarked van. I have pictures of the van leaving. I have pictures of the people folding the tarp up- the tarp used to hide his body from our innocent eyes. I’m still bothered by that. Seeing a professor and classmates shot in front of me? I’d never get over it. I’ll probably remember this day forever. It just feels so personal… a university. An English major. 23 years old. I’m 20…

It’s sickening.
Posted on April 17th, 2007 at 04:33pm


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