On the subject of 4-20

Well once again 4-20 rolls on in. This day has got to be one of the most ridiculous days in creation. While nearly all off my friends are now getting high, I'm sitting and watching That 70's Show. Seeing has how I no longer drink, smoke, or do drugs, I feel like the odd man out. I mean even the 'good little Christian girl' was like "dude today is national pot day!". I recently realised that if I needed drugs or alcohol to make it through the day, well that wasn't really living. And now with my friends 'flying', the stupidity of this day came through to me. I mean why do we do this to ourselves? Subdue ourselves to the recklessness of marjiuana and beers? I dunno, I guess I just dislike watching some of my closest friends losing themselves to this junk. But how am I supposed to tell them that I think it's wrong and they shouldn't do it? They know me, they know that I've dabbled in the 'art' of illegal drugs and underage drinking. So how I am supposed to say "Oh hey, by the way, you really shouldn't go get drunk or high all the time. I mean I know I was a fucking alcoholic and everything, but uh...well it's bad and stuff!" Hell they'd probably think I was back on something. Well I can't stop it, 4-20 is bound to come areound year after year, but I'll at least I will NOT be taking part in it.
Posted on April 20th, 2007 at 10:30pm


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