Special talent? Dont think so...

Inside everyone of us there is a special talent waiting to come out. The trick is finding it.

That’s the writing on my Billy Elliot wallpaper. I always wondered if it was true. Because basically, I have no talent. I was not born with any special gift or anything like that. Writing? Nope, I can’t write a story and I can’t write a poem. I have tried so badly to be a songwriter or a poet, but I just don’t have the talent for it. Painting? No, I can’t draw. I suppose I am good with colours and "messy" art, but I can’t make a decent picture. I can’t even decently decorate my clothes the DIY style. Music? I cant sing and I don’t play any instruments. I am not good at arts and that is the one thing I wish I had talent in. Sports? No, way. Science? I suck a maths, chemistry, physics… The point is that I have so many As and I don’t even know why. To be honest, I am only good at studying. Learning the facts. I love languages, but when I read a poem I can’t even fully understand it. I enjoy literature very much, but I can’t make a piece of my own. I triumph at grammar though. Just facts and laws. No art in that. History? Huh, I’m the top student in my school in history. I top when everyone else flunks. But what is so magnificent in that? I just study for hours and learn years and wars and generals. Nothing impressive in that. I just learn and learn and learn… But I can’t do anything by myself. I know a dozens quotes, but I will never say anything wise. I can say loads about music, but I will never be able to sing something or play something. I know about painters, but I can’t even draw a simple picture. I want even talk about science; I am good at that cause I study and learn the lesson, not cause I ever fully understand it. But it has formulas so I’m fine. The trick is finding it. I tried and practiced just to realize I wasn’t born special or with any talent. And I will get it better in life than some people who truly deserve it and who actually know something. They have the talent for it. And I? I just got lucky…
Posted on May 2nd, 2007 at 12:30pm


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