Eurovision was yesterday as many of you Europeans (and non-Europeans, perhaps) know. Did you watch the show? I did a bit. That’s sad. I remember being younger, I watched the whole Eurovision. I stopped know. It’s not because I aged, no, because it’s not like I’m 50 or something, it’s because Eurovision has turned into such a disgraceful contest. It’s ridiculous. But my point here is not bashing on Eurovision (maybe a bit), it’s another matter that really hurt me yesterday. I was watching the voting with my mom and brother and every time Serbia got its votes (and that was almost all the time) they were having problems with it, calling Eurovision a political show that has nothing to do with music. I know how my family and the rest of Croatia feels about Serbia since the war and even before it. They hate it. They hate the country and they hate the people. Really terrible. I didn’t hear the song, but just because I am against such behavior I was for Marija Serifovic and her song Molitva (“Pray”). Until that one moment. If you remember some scenes from the Green Room and if you have seen the Serbian crew when they won 12 points and maybe you noticed that they have their hands in the air and showing three fingers up? Well, I was outraged. The term Classic Chetnik has been used to refer to Serbian nationalists, royalists, and guerrillas that opposed Ottoman rule in the 19th century and they can be found later in history during the Second World War and the war between Croatia and Serbia in the 90s. Basically Chetnicks are Serbian Nazis, Fascists and Croatian Ustashe. The Chetnik-era uses of the extended first three fingers on the right-hand are well-known to us in the Balkans who have faced Serb fascism, it is equivalent to the Nazi straight-arm that is banned from the world's acceptable behavior. Some Serbians though claim its there nations symbol, but that is wrong. It is a symbol of hate and I was repulsed when I saw it yesterday. I have always defended them; I have never felt any hatred towards them. I don’t want to blame their whole country and nation for everything that happened in the past. I always told people that we should forgive and end the violence. But I guess I forgot that it’s not only up to Croats. I was disappointed in myself for being so naive again and in them because Marija and the rest are young people. It’s on us to make things better and for get our parents fights. Obviously it won’t happen, especially when things like that are allowed to be shown on national television, when the whole world is watching. If I was hurt, I imagine how much the people whose kids died in the war were hurt and everyone else who felt the Chetnick aggression. And then Croatia gives them 12 points. You know what? Eurovision is a political even, when countries vote for their neighbors. Do you remember Waterloo, Ein Bisschen Frieden, Fly on the Wings of Love, Save Your Kisses for Me etc? Those were songs. Now music is the least important thing. Eurovision is one big circus these days, a political contest… And that really makes me sad.
Posted on May 13th, 2007 at 12:38pm


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