"Gang stabs schoolboy"

... That schoolboy happened to be my friend.

"A teenager has been stabbed three times and bashed in a S******ry shoolyard.
Police are searching for three youths who attacked the 14-year-old S******ry High Student as he walked to his S******ry North home about 3:20pm on Friday.
He was chased 400m from the school to the playground of neighbouring school S******ry North Primary School, where police say he was stabbed in the chest and thigh. The teen also had teeth knocked out.
School staff treated him at the scene before ambulance crews took him to the Womans And Children's Hospital.
His injuries were not life threatening and was later discharged.
One resident, who declined to be named, said there was a gang of "kids" who were always causing trouble in the area. He did not see the attack but said he saw the group leaving the primary school shortly afterwards.
"I know who they are, i've given some details to the cops," he said.
"There is a group of four of them. They're just kids but they are taking things too far.
"I've seen them bash the s... out of a little kid outside my house and they're thrown Molotov cocktails at cars.
"Most of them are still in school, but one guy is probably 19-20.
"They're little smart-arses, they're asking for it (a beating) but no one is going to do it and the cops can't do anything because they're too young."
Police have not found the weapon used in the attack, but neighbours told the Sunday Mail police had conducted a sweep of the area for a pair of scissors.
Police said the victim knew his attackers.
Last month, a 15 year old girl was sexually assaulted on the grounds of the school.
A police spokesman said the incidents were unrelated."

That's the newspaper article written about it.
Five days ago, one of my good friends Matt, was stabbed in the thigh and and stomach. Yes only twice but the article says three times. They got it wrong. He was stabbed with scissors, and all though he got out of hospital the next day, no one knows when he'll be back at school. If he even comes back to the same one i go to.

I haven't put the name of my school or suburb in completely due to the fact it's the internet. [No offence]. But other than that, that is the exact words of the article, and the words in bold, are the statements that are wrong.

Although Matt has survived, and nothing life threatening was hit, my group of friends are all upset, and very emotional about it. There was three people that witnessed the attack, all once again my friends.

Jules, his girlfriend Sabrina and Matt's girlfriend Kim.

To watch your best friend get stabbed, that would be shattering.

These guys that did this to him, are basically going to have nothing done to them, they stabbed a person, doesn't that count as attempted murder? And they're probably going to get off with house arrest or something of the sort.

Kids ahead the area of my school need a shitload of guidance, half the school has already been high, drunk and they've done some kind of crime. Shoplifting being a big one lately.

Teachers aren't doing anything about it, and god knows what the parents are doing.

When the news hit the papers, the whole school knew, it was a new week yesterday, and that was the talk of the school. Not many people knew who it was, i'm just glad i knew. And i'm so fucking glad Matt's still alive.
One of the boys in my class, he was actually joking of the matter, saying things like 'oh no don't get a pair of scissors out on me!!' That, is completely and utterly selfish.

I let the people in my care class know that he's my friend, as so i don't get questioned why i'm acting different.

Your friend gets stabbed, one of your other friends are blaming themselves [Jules], and you can't do a single damn thing about it. The attackers, are just going to get a slap on the wrist, and i don't even know who did it, but i'm sure as hell going to find out.

Matt's best friend Luke, is prone to anger outbreaks, he's grown up in a violent area.
Luke told me himself, that when he finds out who did it, he's going to kill them, and Luke's a selfless guy, he wouldn't give a shit what would happen to him. So i have to be keeping him underwraps a bit, as well as Jules.

The point of this blog, is the lack of what police do about teenage violence in my area. Kids 14-15 are doing drugs and not getting in trouble, and now stabbing kids.
My question is,
What are we getting ourselves into when we simply just go to school?
Posted on May 14th, 2007 at 06:12pm


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