ARGHHH some people!

Some people make me so sick.

Make that most people. I can really feel my stomach turning.

There's this one girl in our group and she went for a holiday overseas. While she was gone one another girl in our group who is like heaps close with her (we all thought they were like best friends) was bitching about her SO MUCH.

During the time her friend was gone, there was a MASSIVE bitch session about her at sport. Her best friend was bitching about her 90% of the time. She even tried getting me upset at this girl by telling me she was "very upset with me" before she left. We asked her why she still hung around with this girl she hates so much and she said that when she comes back she'll tell her off and won't talk to her.

During the "bitch session" me and my best friend got sick of it after a while and she actually told them "guys you're being immature now you're taking it too far with the bitching" and they all started teasing her (yep even the girls so called "best friend"Wink saying "hehehe you're immature"

Today (the girls back from overseas now) I see that girl and the one which was bitching about her sitting with her and talking to her alone like they were best friends again...I made a joke to my friend saying "hahaha look at them, you can tell they're bitching because of their faces." I had a feeling they were bitching about me because the girl that was overseas was being really rude to me.

Later, it wasn't much of a surprise when I find out the girls "best friend" suddenly told this girl that all of us were backstabbing her.

When I found out I was ready to go up to the girl who was bitching so much and scream at her till I lost my voice but my friends wouldn't let me do it till tomorrow.
I hate this suspense.
But no one messes with me like that and makes up all this crap. If she thinks she can get away with it easily then she's wrong.

I mean seriously, usually I don't loose my temper like this, but ... jeez this was uncalled for, especially when I was backing away from the whole situation from the beginning.

Oh well, one less person in our group = one less person to worry about.
Posted on May 17th, 2007 at 03:24am


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