Kisschasy Gallery Show.

I'd pretty much call it a concert.

Well recently i entered in a competition to meet Kisschasy, an Australian band from Melbourne. The competition was to win tickets to their new albums gallery show, listen to all, see the artwork, and meet the band etc. etc.

Thursday night i found out i won. So i was really excited about it, and didn't know who to take. Between friends that like Kisschasy, and friends that were actually free, that was pretty hard. Eventually i ended up getting my friend Katrina to come along with me.

The Gallery show was today, I met Kisschasy. And listened to their new album before any of the other fans, other than the others that also got chosen to come along too.

We [being me, my mummy Retard and Katrina] at the bar that it was being held at, after a late start, and the doors finally being opened, we walked through the door, and were greeted by Kisschasy, everyone said hi to them, but since i was looking to my right, i said hi to Sean [the guitarist] and Darren [vocals, guitar]. Everyone hi fived Darren as they walked past him, and went to sit down in the rather cramped, but cosy club. All the lounges got taken, so i was sitting on the stairs they had there.

We waited about another ten minutes or so until Darren, the lead singer started welcoming us there. Just giving us a brief run down of what was happening throughout the day.

Then they started playing the album, and told us to go talk to them, so after about 5 minutes i got up and walked over to Darren.
I stood next to him for about a minute [i was trying to work out what i was gonna do, i'm EXTREMELY shy] but he said hi first, which was very helpful to me, then i sheepishly asked as to if he could sign the poster i was holding. And he signed it, then someone else got his attention, so i walked off, and found Joel [bassist], and got him to sign a few things, and once again i was sheepish about it all.

Then i got my camera off my mum, and got photos with first Joel, and then Darren.
Darren is rather skinny really, and short tbh.
For a cramped place, they really made it cosy. Then i took some photos of the new albums artwork, which is really awesome stuff painted by a San Fran artist. Reminds me a lot of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I found Karl [drummer] and talked to him for a bit, got him to sign my stuff, and asked him how to get over stage fright [i'm deadly afraid of crowds, meeting new people etc. etc.] he just told me that he doesn't really get it anymore, he just gets anxious, but he channels it into his performance, he asked why and i told him i had a performance coming up [which i do] which lead to what instrument i play, i replied with drums, and he asked if i enjoyed it and such. And then other people got his attention, so i just went and spoke to my mum about getting some merchandise. I ended up getting a 'Hymns for the non believer' shirt, which is the title of the new album, then i picked up a poster advertising the new single 'Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night', and then a badge pack of three badges.

Then i went back up to Karl and he signed it, then i went up to Joel, i went to find Darren, but he was on stage with Sean performing an acoustic set of some new songs, and one song from their first album 'United Paper People', they ended that with 'Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night' then i went up to Darren, and got him to sign my poster, and a couple of pictures i said i'd get signed for friends.

Then i went up to Sean and got him to sign my stuff. Got a photo etc. etc. I spoke to Sean a bit more than the rest of the guys, asked him how to concur a fear of stage fright, like i asked the rest of the guys, which led on to a conversation about silly fears, he wouldn't tell me his which was understandable. Everyone wants some privacy. Then i went and had a drink and gave mum my poster to hold, and the camera which i filled up both the internal and memory card memory with pictures. So then i used my mum's phone to get some more pictures, of both Joel, Karl and me. Darren, Sean and me. Then some group shots of all four with me squashed in the middle between Darren and Joel. Then other photos throughout the next 20 minutes i was there, a highlight one being Darren having a Happy Birthday banner around his head, because it was someone's birthday there and what a present that would've been.

Then with having have that last photo taken of me on the lounge, i had to leave. I ended up buying some photo paper to print pictures on, and a photo album for the day.

All up, it was an absolutely marvellous day, and Kisschasy, are awesome guys. And very easy to get along with.

As for photos?

And official one, from left to right: Karl, Sean, Darren and Joel
Me and Sean.
Me squashed in the middle
Me, Darren and Sean.
Me and Joel
Me, Joel and Karl
Darren with the Happy Birthday banner around his head

Excuse some of the quality of the photos, they were taken on a phone.
Others a camera. And the reason for no smile? Whenever i smile in a photo, it always turns out horrible. So in these i just look sad.

And i'll leave it at that, i'm not sure the size of the pictures, so i'm just hoping they fit.
I had a fun time, and i wanted to share it with you guys, so i did.

I recommend you check out Kisschasy and their new single 'Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night' is released June 9th in Australia. =D

Their official site.
Their MySpace.
Posted on May 26th, 2007 at 06:29am


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