Anti-gay violence in Russia

Homophobia? I know it existed, but I thought that term is somehow over-used. It literally means «the fear of homosexuals» and to be honest, some aren’t really afraid of them. Some people are just terribly ignorant. But my naivety was crushed today, once again. I am so utterly pissed about this, so forgive me if I go over the top.

We will give our best to not let them go; we will burn the ground under their feet if necessary. You could hear all of that yesterday, on May 26 on Moscow streets. The mayor of Moscow, Jury Luzhkov, said that Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as Satanic. He did not allow the Gay Pride to be held in Moscow because of his narrow minded views. Isn’t it terrible that homosexuals actually need to have an annual parade? I mean heterosexuals don’t have one and gay people actually need to have one just to prove their equality and maybe celebrate one day in a year their sexuality since it is so terribly wrong and unhealthy. They have just that one day when they can proudly feel the same as the rest of us and they can do that under police protection. Well not quite in Russia. The Pride was forbidden, but homosexuals, lesbian, bisexuals & gay activist from Russia and the rest of the world (like Right Said Fred's singer Richard Fairbrass who got his head smashed) decided to show the mayor their petition. Hopelessly. Nationalist & religious (Russian Orthodox Church) groups as well as skinhead youth broke the demonstration (sadly that you have to fight against laws that discriminate your whole being) and well… bashed every homosexuals head. Police did absolutely nothing about it and even though there were arrests on both sides (oh now you go to prison for being beaten the life out of you, I see) everyone could see that homophobic violence was allowed by the authorities.

I have seen anti-gay violence everywhere, but by years things like that stopped. Homosexuals have more rights than ever. I am disgusted by such behavior. Not only did those activist lost their right to free speech (which is heavily abused, but in this case reasonable), they were victims of such violence and prejudices approved by authorities that today’s world should not have faced. Russia is a member of G-8 for crying out loud and that’s how they show their democracy?

Anyway, see for yourself:

Posted on May 27th, 2007 at 02:24pm


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