There is a seagull Jonathan inside evryone of us

This modern fairytale follows the extraordinary story of the seagull Jonathan Livingstone which also carries a message of life and the authors thought that there is a seagull Jonathan inside everyone of us. Jonathan as a young seagull was a part of a flock, but he was different from the other seagulls because he had an exceeding will for flying and speed. He tried to catch his goal of the ultimate speed, but he was banished from the flock. The other seagulls from a different flock accepted him and there he fulfilled his perfection and returned to his old flock to teach seagulls with the same goal as his was. Everyone of us has dreams, wishes and goals that may differ than somebody else's, but we all try to succeed. Jonathan was brave and enduring, but he was also diligent in his wish to succeed in what he thought of as perfection. We also have characteristics like that, we also try to conquer our fear in the way to our perfection. We need to be determined in our efforts to get to our goal just as Jonathan was. He faced rejection pf other seagulls from his flock and he was left alone. But he never gave up on his dreams and he practiced flying every day. We too, like the seagull Jonathan, should not quit on obstacles and should continue to try, as well as to accept and ask for the help of others just like Jonathan asked help from the seagull Chiang. In the end Jonathan managed to attain freedom, the perfection in flying and he decided to teach the same thing to other seagulls. There is a seagull Jonathan in every one of us because we all have a goal we want to fulfill and we all have the will and courage to do so. And just as seagull Chiang explained to Jonathan, we can go anywhere we want anytime we want as long as we want to.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is a novel written by Richard Bach. When I first read the story I didn't think much of it, but by writing this essay I realized how important the message of this book is and I adore the ideas it brings. I didn't know if I should put this in the book review or the life part, but as you all can see, it doesn't matter. Jonathan Livingstone sends a message we all should listen too.
Posted on May 30th, 2007 at 03:44pm


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