Marijuana- Out of control?

I may be going a little bit over the edge here, but I personally think that the reason WHY marijuana isn't legal is because it's out of our goverment's control.
Here, let me explain:

Marijuana can be grown in one's own home, so in that case it can go overboard and be sold by anyone, to anyone. The government wouldn't make any profits from this popular selling product. Marijuana will damage and eliminate your brain cells, but the main reason why they SAY they marijuana isn't legal is because the uncontrollable behavior people have when smoking pot. There is no irrational and uncontrollable behavior or inappropriate behavior from someone who smokes weed. But there is however, uncontrollable and way inappropriate behavior from a high percentage of people that drink alcohol. Alcohol abuse is more of a certainty then a marijuana addiction. Alcohol kills millions more people than weed ever would. The government also say's they wouldn't want stoned people on the streets- leaving everyone to have to deal with them. I for one, wouldn't want to come in counter with a drunk alcoholic in the streets, whether it's an angry drunk, or a idiotic one that doesn't realize what they're saying. Cigarettes also cause far more damage then marijuana. They cause lung cancer, and over 400,000 deaths in the US every year, just due to tabacco-related disease. You don't even have to smoke to be effected by cigarette smoke. Second hand smoke can kill 9 more people a year than car accidents. Which reminds me that there is an alcohol-related traffic fatality every 31 minutes and an alcohol-related traffic injury every 2 minutes. Your body is able to function and drive with enough control, even after smoking weed. Take a look back in the 70's when people marched all over the world, and stood up and protested for what they believed in, and even were more concerned with nature and the enviroment- Marijuana was a huge part of the 70's. It doesn't cause danger, it doesn't cause inappropriate behavior either. It's just out of the hands of the government. That's why I believe it's illegal.

This is just my personal opinion, feel free to express yours. I'm not some reefer head either- haha. Oh, and if you haven't yet, I would suggest seeing the movie "An Inconvieniant Truth"- It talks about global warming, a huge problem that our world's not taking notice to, it's really awesome. Thanks.
Posted on January 21st, 2007 at 08:53pm


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