Baseball and the Yankees

The Yanks. The Bombers. The Bronx Zoo. The Evil Empire.

All names for my personal favorite and probably the U.S's number one team in baseball, the New York Yankees. This club has been going since 1901, founded in Baltimore and originally called the Baltimore Orioles (no, not the Baltimore Orioles of today), and 106 years later, they're both the most popular team still playing and also the most hated.
Why so hated? Well, let me see, it could be jealousy...

The Yankees have won 26 world championships, which makes them the holder of the record for the most championships by a single franchise IN SPORTS HISTORY.

They are the only team which has a player from every single position recognized in the baseball Hall of Fame.

They've won 39 American League Pennants, another record.

And hated by whom?

For a start, many Red Sox fans. The Red Sox are also known as dirty cheaters, scumbag, and many assorted painfully true nicknames. Some say the reason for their 86 years of failing to win a single World Series is a cause of the Curse of the Bambino, or what fans explain to be the aftermath of losing in 1918 in the World Series and selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

Many baseball fans of other teams also hate the Yankees, because they wish their team was half as good :]

Yes, yes, I know, we're about 13 games behind right now, but we'll pull together once we start hitting and batting well in sync, and that's a promise!
Posted on June 7th, 2007 at 11:07pm


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