Riot Grrrl

Riot Grrrl is a movement that started in the beginning of the 90s in the USA with the slogan: “Power to the girls!” Riot Grrrl is an expression founded in 1991 and it’s based on the motto: “Women must rebel!” The rebellion began in Olympia, Washington with its goal in fight for women rights. At that time when a girl with a guitar got on the stage, the boys would whistle and throw insults that rock isn’t for girls and that they should go back to the kitchen; but when Bikini Kill got on the stage, the guys had to shut up. Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill's singer, could shout harder than the whole venue. Their sound was a conviction to the patriarchal society, an emancipation for all the girls around the world and a proof that girls could do the same things boys could, and ever better. The bands that fronted Riot Grrrl were Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, L7, Free Kittens, Babes In Toyland… Bikini Kill's song I like fucking was the anthem.

Hey do you believe there's anything beyond troll-guy reality?
I do. I do. I do.

Except Bikini Kill, a role-model to a lot of girls was L7. They were militant, pro-life, bisexual, pretty and extremely rude. They cruised the USA like a real “manly” group rising terror and taking other bands like Lunachicks and Babes In Toyland whose members were all girls with raucous voices and unstrung guitars. The message went further than excepted. It was only music now; there were zines, magazines, Internet and fashion. Wild girls show that a real woman does what she likes, when she likes and where she likes. All around the world stylists, directors, journalists, writers and business women of the new generation come to the movement inspired by those angry girls and emphasize that they want to enjoy life with no limitations. You should love your body. You should be proud with yourself and not have any complexes. You should throw away everything that is imprisoning your will for power. That is the best way to be a girl.

You're a big girl now, you’ve got no reason not to fight
You've got to know what they are, for you can stand up for your rights
Rights, rights?
You DO have rights

I love Riot Grrrl. I think it’s an excellent movement because young girls often don’t have a pretty picture of feminists. Just dyke's that are never going to get married. But this is a movement for young girls and feminists because it’s closer to us. It’s not as harsh as the feminist movement and its wilder. Besides, it includes great music. Bikini Kill & L7 are my personal favorites. Le Tigre as well even though that isn’t strictly an Rriot Grrrl band. I recommend it highly to all of you. The message is real.

When she talks, I hear the revolution
In her hips, there's revolution
When she walks, the revolutions coming
In her kiss, I taste the revolution

Posted on June 14th, 2007 at 12:06pm


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