Bored in AZ

My sister had her baby and we had to rush down to Phoenix, AZ to see her. I'm staying here 3 weeks(till July 6th). This is my third day and let's say I'm bored to death and I'm drying up. Despite the fact that it's an oven outside, I go for a walk everyday to escape the house. I'm also catching up on my tv. God, what happened to MTV? I like VH1 better.
I was watching I Love New York and she is such a brat! I usually don't have all that much time to watch tv shows that are worthless so maybe I don't know anything, but what's so great about Pimp My Ride? My hair is starting to bleach again. Every summer my hair turns a coppery brown and then in the winter it turns dark again. I just painted my nails magenta. I feel like my brain is rotting here. I'm begging my sister to let me go to Borders to buy a book to read.

-define_normal XD
Posted on June 17th, 2007 at 03:32pm


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