I'm a bit blown away by last two weeks i've had and what has yet to come of this week. So far, my mum had a baby in our local shop lol which was quite funny to hear Laughing We were followed by paparazzi for about four days afterwards. We were all in two newspapers and even on the news, so ive had people come up and ask me for my autograph(mainly my friends messing around) and ive had a few people shout "oh my God i saw you on tv!"

What has yet to come is that i've got work experiance tomorrow and im really scared..but im really excited too as it's kinda the first REAL job i've had. It was a terrible week for work experiance to land on though as it is also my birthday tomorrow.15 YAY!!!!!!! lol and because of that, i can't really celebrate my birthday because i'm working a 9-5 shift (as an accountant) so im celebrating my birthday on saturday. I'm going to go out and have a load of fun with my friends and be a whore and get as many guys as i can Very Happy

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on June 18th, 2007 at 01:12pm


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