Then i had to do the lie part, which took me forever

Choose "Skillcape of Smithing" to make your character say "That's a strange cape that you're wearing. Thurgo smiles as RS gold he replies, "It's skillcape of Smithing." Shows that I'm an expert blacksmith, but that's only to be expected. I'm an Imcando dwarf. We are all aware that we are the best blacksmiths.

Right-click again and Talk to Thurgo. The second time, select "Something else" Your character will say, "Hello. Are you an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo says, "Maybe. Who wants to know?" (Thurgo's eyebrows suggest that he's not thrilled as he replies. Thurgo has just said to us a few seconds ago that he is an Imcando dwarf. Then we ask him "Hello." Wouldn't Thurgo have told us seconds ago that he is an Imcando dwarf, and we ask him "Hello."

I decided to go on the quest to obtain rockshell armour and to explore the various islands. I began my quest by taking part in the contest to drink. I found it to be very odd to learn that you had to travel all the distance to Seers Village in order to get the potion. lol, i ended up drinking beer from the bank and having house parties with emo.

Then i had to do the lie part, which took me forever to find the enchanting altar. I must admit that lolly was amusing. The next step was to complete the merchants trial. It was simplified by the guide to sals quest. I found it difficult to locate the next person. It was smart to offer everyone what they wanted at the final.

It was tedious trying to find the noob spirit using that talasmin in the hunter portion. The maze part of the hunt was quite easy, thanks to the sals guide. It was also very enjoyable. While the steps in the guides to sals quests were a bit tedious, Peer in the Seer was quite enjoyable. I was thrilled to finally escape his home.

Now for the fight without weapons or armour... It was an epic battle, however it took so much time to get the 3 forms of the man who is deathless. I have to admit that it was worth waiting for all the OSRS buy gold quest-exclusions items such as the pet rocks. Please tell me about your experience.
Posted on September 18th, 2021 at 11:01pm


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