Everyone is aware that one can get Adze

So, let me get to the point. I got into a heated argument today with a level77 turd that was wearing a cape that wasn't trimmed for RS gold firemaking. The turd received his cape untrimmed after burning logs for 99 firemaking for 3 and half weeks. Then he decided to go for 99 Fletching, the second most ridiculous excuse for a simple 99.

Like I do when I am bored, I was looking at the forums and was wcing the yews. I was discussing with my mate about how I think FOR ME that the rune hatchet is faster than the dragon hatchet. She agreed to some extent and the clown was thinking that he could remark and accuse me of being an idiot for saying so. I spent hours analyzing and timing the dragon hatchet that cuts yews. It has cost me countless hours. I have come to the conclusion that either they are identical or that the rune hatchet is somewhat more efficient and therefore 2 mil cheaper.

He complained for hours, telling me that his 2 mil waste (not that it's much) was a better cutter that mine. I said "lol Okay Budd, you keep thinking about that". After we cut yews, he said the stupid sentence of. "You're an idiot. You don't even own 99's!"

For the billionth time I had to verbally own this pity nub and inform the guy that his AWSUM accomplishment of 99 firemaking was completely useless, a waste of time and that he's really just a noob. A 99 fm untrimmed cape is without doubt the most ridiculous excuse to argue that "I'm superior to you" in Runescape. 99 firemaking when it is your only 99 reason to do it, is a stupid and useless.

Everyone is aware that one can get Adze at 92. After the age of 92, 99 seems far away (sorta) therefore why not try it. But, the majority of my friends who have done it have said it can take several weeks and is boring. If you're doing maples or willows it's also quite affordable. It's important to note that it takes upwards of 45k logs for level 70 Fm.

In the end, I had a good time attacking this man verbally and crushing his dreams. Aren't you sick of 99 FM'ers with untrimmed caps that number in the hundreds? Many of them don’t even have Adze. It's because they lack the necessary skills and many are at lower levels (between 60-6080) with smart alec-like attitudes.

I've been involved in three arguments with nubs that believe they are superior to me since I don't wear my 99 capse 24/7. I'm not able to say that I've swung 99 times, but I did it to earn money for a while. I stopped at about 96 and a half and decided that I could consider it an cheap RuneScape gold opportunity to reduce my already strong. 99 fms'ing seems like a silly excuse for a 99. The 99 fletch cape I have is not something I pride in or wear.
Posted on October 8th, 2021 at 09:32pm


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