SOM will face the same fate as traditional

It is difficult to enjoy when you see the current state of the game. It's hard to imagine what the game is like when wrath becomes available. It's only matter of time until blizzard announces that we can buy gold from WOW TBC Gold them directly as it's safer and people are looking for it. I'm not a fan of everything they've done to this game, both retail and traditional. However, they're not able to take away the memories I have of playing the game when I was a kid back in the day, they'll never touch that Smile

If it were a perfect world, blizzard could clamp down on any third party gold selling sites and ban any user who is using those platforms. They would also not incorporate their own gold for cash as they do in retail, which they'll surely do. Character boost can be a major issue for the economy. While it's not beneficial for any profession, it provides players all they need. As we can see in the botting issue, however, it does not increase the chances of any profession. What do you plan to do?

It's not because they can't afford it. It's not because they cannot afford it. It's now a clear cash-grabbing game that involves more spoon feeding and handholding.

SOM will face the same fate as traditional due to small changes. Their "first step" isn't enough. It is possible to make small changes that can take just minutes, and which can lead to significant modifications. This could create the most unique experience. Simply put this game has lost all enthusiasm. This is why the OP post of dissatisfaction is invented.

Bots with gold inflation, heart-breaking consume costs. "Buffing bosses" may not translate into more work, but it does mean more obligations to purchase more consumables. The players will then be pushed into the gdkps. While I'm not saying that classic wasn't enjoyable but the game got considerably less fun AQ and naxx

Those were mega server problems. My server had about 3.5k users and it was awesome. There is no need to pay for consumes if you farm them yourself. Inb4 : not enough nodes it's a huge server cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold problem. Servers with vanilla like populations have never had problems.
Posted on October 15th, 2021 at 08:10pm


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