The primary benefit is its ability to play from any location.

There's also the issue of whether NBA 2K could be used as a way to attract new basketball fans according to Ted Leonsis, Washington Wizards owner and media mogul, has suggested. Donohue is an 2k22 mt excellent example of this and is too far away from where I live. My son was playing 2k and then suddenly he came to me. He started quoting the Warriors roster of Steph Curry and I was thinking, "How is it possible that he stays up until 10 pm in the evening to see these games? He's only seven years old!" He's learning all about 2k and who's good according to their 2K ratings.

For Donohue , it illustrates what he terms the "transformation happening in how young people consume content and the way it's becoming." For brands , this implies that esports is "a perfect opportunity for partnersto, for instance communicating with people who are younger and may not be on traditional channels."The NBA is learning too about this new generation and what they want to be able to see. "The biggest difference in sports that I have seen in traditional sports is the voice of the fan, the power of the player" Donohue says.

Twitch chat functions on Twitch broadcasts is an illustration of this. "The Twitch chat is constantly in motion and we're tracking that for sure to keep our eyes on our followers However, it's also a great tool to get feedback right away, and then we're making adjustments on our broadcasts... We're talking about "hey the viewers want this angle, and they are looking for this behind the scenes content." Then, when we make those adjustments we're giving them credit for the change and they're awestruck by the change." This taps into what Donohue describes as "almost becoming a requirement of younger consumers, where the expectation is that you're paying attention."

The NBA 2K League does not need to follow traditional restrictions

The primary benefit is its ability to play from any location. This allows not only for the new draft system but also allows international markets to be tapped. The NBA has already been doing great work to boost its profile abroad however the NBA has been confined to playing individual games in destinations like Paris, London and China. International divisions, long-rumored to be possible, have been described as that: a wish.

There are no limitations for NBA 2K League. Donohue claims "There's so many greenfields our way in terms of international expansion. The game is growing worldwide." The Gen.G Tigers from Shanghai an international expansion team of the NBA 2K League, was accepted into the league this season. They also hosted tryouts in Seoul, Hong Kong, and London. Donohue explained, "We're trying to continue to recruit international stars we know are out here." "It's definitely an element of our strategy to have the future to establish a European division, and we also have an Asia Pacific division," Donohue stated. Donohue buy Nba 2k22 Mt added that "it's more a question of when rather than if."
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