It is true that some people did a test where

It's not so, I think. For instance, if we press Esc to close your bank it will require coordinates to find your X which will shut the RS gold bank. This would make the process automated and illegal. When you press F10 to switch to equipment and bank which isn't the same as 1:1 input to output. Going from equipment to bank is a series of actions and it is not possible to achieve in one click unless you hack the game to let it do it.

If that's not an issue, then brainstorm what you want it to do. I did not understand the question, but I gave my attempt. It's hard to say where you've been but there's that button on the bank which shows the entire equipment at a single click... Insofar as it's 1:1 , i don't think it's a big deal since Jagex also added hotkeys to the first time: F1, etc. did not realize that and there is no need to be a idiot about it...

It's still a problem that you're getting more than 1 output from a single key press. It is impossible to do that unless you are hacking the game applet to add additional key bindings. You could accomplish this via an external application, but it isn't 1 input to one output. That is 1 input (Esc or F10) to multiple outputs (cursor movement and clicking.) All you have to achieve is the mouse click. This makes the task useless as you could do that using Mousekeys.

If you haven't done it yet performed it, then do Royal Trouble because it lets you put more in the coffers. It is likely that you will not be online for extended periods of time, so, as soon as you can, put 7.5m to the account (talk the Advisor to Ghrimm, choose "Manage"Wink as well as adjust Maples as MAX worker, and herb to 50% workers.

So, you can for a period of 90+ days without collecting the stuff from your kingdom and reap the highest profits. Personally, I just put in the 750k+ (75k*Cool and then just collect it on Wednesdays. He'll lose appeal so it will not be max. In the past, I would check it each day for a full-blown max, but I instead checked it each few days.

Do Royal Trouble then, as Kemo said, 100 herbs and 50 maples are a lot of consistency, 100 maple 50 herb will give you really wonderful weeks with the help of seeds. That's exactly what I meant by that. I'm always forgetting the distinction from the other. Additionally, I'm pretty certain it's only important if your approbation is completely when you take it, not each day.

It is true that some people did a test where 1 will have their approval to 100% daily and another will be 100% prior to checking, and it did matter the 100%everyday even if they didn't check. additional information. I'll share URL if I can find it in the rsof.

I tested my own theory and found that the prizes from Miscellania are randomly generated from when you first view them So it's not important that you have 100 percent of them when you get them.

I left for over 4 years, but am back to play with my baby brother. It's a good thing that the Grand Exchange seems easy to manage, but things like the dungeoneering, summoning, hunter, i have no clue to be honest. The game has been leveled through gas lamps and tears from guthix. They're not that high. Are they beneficial? What's the current method to cheap RuneScape gold build up GBP? I've got about 5 mil net worth + my santa. How do I begin.
Posted on November 30th, 2021 at 08:28pm


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