1 thing of note this time around, which covers

It's a question I'm still unsure of whether it is worth the effort to use Juju Farming potions . Although they're very useful however they RS gold require a length of time gathering ingredients to make. However, they do make Torstol seeds an option for profit, giving the average of a higher profit than Snapdragon even on other patches that those on the Trollheim patch.

Herb runs generate the potential to earn between 2-4m per hour. The downside that you're able to perform it for 6 minutes once each two hours, or less. It is a good way to break away from what you're working on like proving skills, or begin/end your session of playing RS. If you're a fan of time that's above 4 m/h don't farm Herbs.

The objective of the Herb runs is travel at the quickest speed possible to all the Herb patches available to you, harvest herbs to offer for sale and then plant the seeds to harvest later. With the highest quality equipment and using all five patches it is possible to finish the run in just under 6 minutes when the timer starts as soon as you teleport to Trollheim and ending when all patches have been harvested, returned to the garden, with all tools stored.

Ardougne Cloak 4 is a good replacement. Ardougne Cloak 4 can be replaced by either Ardougne Cloak 2 or 3 However, these Cloaks are able to only utilize the Farm patch each day. In other cases, you can Teleport to North Ardougne (must unlock at Livid Farm) however this is a long way away from the patches for farming.

Teleport to Catherby can be replaced with a Teleport to Camelot or the Camelot tab. The Trollheim Patch cannot be diseased/die. Magic Secateurs are optional but can increase Herb yield. It's a question I'm still unsure if it is worth the effort to use Juju Farming potions . While they're very useful, they take a very length of time gathering the ingredients for. They do allow Torstol seeds a viable option to earn money, and offer on average , more profit than Snapdragon even for patches other that one like the Trollheim patch.

1 thing of note this time around, which covers the various options available, however I'm pretty much in with you. As far as juju farming potions go, they're great bonus to a herb run. They provide the chance to collect 2 herbs at one time. I've never done an herb run that has less than 50 total herbs from 5 patches unless one of them dies. My highest number is 70.

But as leaf said, it's unnecessary to go camping in Herblore Habitat just to make potions. I make them every week to gain an instant bonus XP bonus for discovering all the jadinkos from 10/13 and rs2007 gold any seeds that I discover that will be planted and used.
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