New World update 13.1 brings more bug fixes

New World’s latest update helps resolve some issues caused or impacted by the January update. The patch fixes bugs, including items disappearing, adjusting housing data to prevent issues, addressing the Mutator schedule bug, and other issues.

With the monthly patches of New World, there has been frustration in the community. A lot of players are buying New World Coins for a better gaming experience, and while the Amazon team has been working hard to fix issues that arise, this update 13.1 dedicated to such fixes is a step in the right direction.

General fixes in the patch include fixing a bug that would cause items to disappear from being dropped and picked up too quickly. One of those sometimes weird bugs that all developers run into at some point. As another example, the patch fixes a bug that prevented players from fast-travelling or respawning at home if they used exit to Buy New World Coins and then relogged.

The housing system has had a series of issues and changes over time and has really done an overhaul of the way the game stores relevant data to prevent the loss of housing and items that some have seen. One change that attempted to address one exploit Juniper Berries got an updated reward table, with Cheap New World Coins rewards incrementally increasing as the player leveled up.

This is like what earlier missions did to prevent new accounts from being created just to grab early New World Coins. The patch also brings some updates to the Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet, as well as Rapier. It has rebalanced these to make them work as expected. One of the other unfixed but resolved issues was an issue where the Mutator schedule sometimes did not rotate as expected. They added some code to help track down the issue. By the way, if players are short of New World Gold, they can also buy New World Coins at IGGM. It is the most experienced site and worth trying!
Posted on February 6th, 2022 at 09:01pm


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