Steam reviews for Lost Ark are mostly positive

The groundbreaking PC action MMORPG Lost Ark was first released in Korea in 2019. It wasn’t finally released in the US and Europe until earlier this month. It quickly became one of the most popular games in the entire history of Steam, with over 1.3 million active players last weekend. The most popular game is currently it. And many players buy Lost Ark Gold for a better gaming experience.

Overall, Steam’s review of Lost Ark is positive. However, negative reviews for Diablo-like MMOs have risen as the game continues to struggle with long queues on European servers. It reflected this in some of the most popular comments on Steam, with some players even sharing various recipes for food they can make while waiting to go live. Other reviews commented on how they waited years to play the game since Smilegate first announced it in 2013. So between that and the server issue, there’s a lot of waiting.

Many reviews, both positive and negative, expressed how much they liked the fight, often calling it satisfying and fun. While it has a lackluster story, as other Steam reviewers have pointed out, the battle is really the star of the show. Using “hitstops” and hordes of enemies really helps elevate the action above other ARPGs. In Lost Ark, players feel super powerful basically from the start, which is a pleasant change from the way it developed most MMOs. Players can also earn Lost Ark Gold in the game to improve their power quickly.

Of course, many comments also mentioned Diablo. Without that, it’s nearly impossible to talk about Lost Ark. Interestingly enough, a fair amount of comments suggest Blizzard should pay attention to how Diablo IV compares to Lost Ark. There’s nothing wrong with some Steam reviewers pointing out that many Lost Arks are very generic and identical. Players spend a lot of time collecting things to bring to NPCs and repeating it over and over. But the numbers went up, which is interesting. Of course, players can also buy Lost Ark Gold For Sale at IGGM to give themselves more time to have more fun.
Posted on February 21st, 2022 at 08:51pm


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