I was thinking to do similar to this: Create

I have around seven RS Member Accounts I received as a gift from a different forum. I was considering to do a giveaway, however, is it RS gold legal to offer giveaways of RS accounts? If yes, in which forum should I be doing it? It depends on the exact thing you intend to accomplish.

Is it possible to offer away the real RuneScape account? The answer is no, it's trading in the account and is considered RWT according to Jagex's rules that we follow. Can you give away subscription codes that are derived from an unpaid card purchased in shops? Perhaps, please read the article below for further details.

If you wish to distribute pre-paid cards however, it's not allowed if the recipients perform anything for the gift card. This includes but isn't limited to, giving you game-specific items, or giving you money in real life or even having them click on links (and similar plans) in order to get the opportunity to get a referral from somewhere. Actually, asking them to do anything other than simply receiving the code would mean it cannot be done.

If you're talking about a sign-up topic where people are able to sign-up and draw random names , and then send the winners the code (with none of the strings, or with no other details), then that would be considered acceptable.

A charitable giveaway is acceptable. The exchange of favors, however isn't. It's about subscription codes. I have around seven subscription codes (I think , but I'll need to confirm) which I will not use therefore I decided to donate them to people who cannot afford to purchase one.

I was thinking to do similar to this: Create a thread about the contest and then I will ask questions similar to. Why should I grant you a Membership? Why do you like Runescape? What are your plans for the Membership? These questions will make it simple for me to choose an option that is most beneficial and will also make sure that members are not selling the code or to keep lazy spammers getting these codes.

"Normal" (as as in, not Nex) GWD armour is more than sufficient for the Slayer task. It's not expensive (for someone with your resources), doesn't need repair and offers offensive bonuses. It is recommended to cheap OSRS gold keep a Barrows set that includes every kind of fighting style (Verac's Ahrim's, Karil's and Verac's) for the very few Slayer tasks that require a high level of defence.
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