A rogue with a strange rapier. A powerful melee

Hey guys - I know there's plenty of these types of RuneScape gold threads. I used reply to them myself a while back, but I do not know what's going on, what changes have happened or what's the best/worst/nooby thing to do.

Read the remaining content I've put in It's a complete nonsense.. so good luck. So I signed up for membership a couple of days ago at the urging of a friend and it was the Mad May thing, and when I actually got on to the members' area, I realized that I did not have any idea what to do. Since then, I've been doing the mandatory farming runs along with slayers assignments, and clue scrolls. But now I'm exhausted of tasks to accomplish in the remaining three and a half weeks of the membership.

Any ideas on the best idea to train, any minigames worth trying or anything else that's enjoyable or rewarding to take on RS members currently. There's so much new armour and a few new weapons for members to choose from, I don't know what's appropriate for my level or what I should be using for slaying as well as general combat things (80 Att, 75 Def, 83 Str as well as an 81 HP). If you have suggestions for something that I could buy would be fantastic; I've got 50m of cash, however I'd prefer not to invest too much.

Finally, I'm in search of the skills I need to get to 99 or at the very least the next level, however I'm not sure what I can learn without spending tons of money without gain, what's the best spending etc. My abilities should be listed in my signature, in the event that they are not, I'll add them asap.

If you want to spend less (under 10M) it is possible to get a set of Barrows armor and some great peripheries (fury even though it's not necessarily the best) will give you a lot for your money. However, there are several very desirable items you need to get. It's likely that you've not been here for a while.

A rogue with a strange rapier. A powerful melee weapon with one hand that is acquired after dungeoneering for a while You must have at least 80 dunges to buy it by using the dunge reward system. Most chaotic weapons are the strongest in their category.

Bandos chestplate and Tassets. Falling in price, these are the most popular items to buy If you're in the market for cash. 12M for one piece and 12M for the second. They offer boost in strength and a prayer bonus.

I'm not an expert on Helms, but buy RS gold if slaying you want the full Slayer helm due to its extra bonuses (likewise Salve amulet if it's relevant) and Verac's helm otherwise.
Posted on March 6th, 2022 at 09:57pm


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