Happy Birthday America Sports 246 Reason

Happy Birthday, Americas Sports! From masks to guns to politics to Roe v. Wade and even Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, America finds itself fiercely divided. Thankfully we have sports to keep us united, or at least from completely unraveling at the seams. Even apart, thanks to sports, we stand together. We may not love the same teams, but we do cherish the games, leagues, players and moments that provide respite from the larger i sues threatening to crowbar us as a country. Without sports, this Fourth of July would be all red, white and boo. Its as though the victory cigars light the fireworks. That said, were in a Logan Couture Jersey slump. America once dominated around the globe. Dont look now, but the world has closed the gap. In some cases, foreigners are even hogging hardware. What once was Mike Tyson is now Tyson Fury (boxing), Lance Armstrong is now Tadej Pogaar (cycling), Pete Sampras now Rafael Nadal (tennis) and Tiger Woods (golf) is now Jon Rahm and Matthew Fitzpatrick. Our last two U.S. Open golf championships have been won by a Spaniard and a Brit; the last American to capture the U.S. Open mens tennis title was Andy Roddick in 2003. Canadian-born Cale Makar won Stanley Cup Finals MVP this month, and a handful of American stars are leaving the PGA Tour to play golf on the Saudi Arabian-backed LIV Tour. Not long ago we set our watches by the championship appearances of LeBron James and Serena Williams. LeBrons Lakers havent won a playoff series the last two seasons. Serena won her last major in 2017 and last week lost in the first round at Wimbledon to an unknown player ranked No. Patrick Marleau Jersey 115. The NBAs last four MVPs are from Serbia (Nikola Jokic) and Greece (Giannis Antetokounmpo). In the last 13 Ryder Cups were 4-9. The U.S. hasnt won the Davis Cup since 2007. We wont win the Tour de France. Weve only won one World Baseball Cla sic. We never sniff advancing in the mens World Cup. Were not even a lock any longer to win sailings Americas Cup. The most dynamic player in baseball? Japans Shohei Ohtani. Thankfully, all is not lost. The NFL Americas pastime has never had an MVP born outside our borders. And if we really wanna go jingoistic, thanks to our most dominant athlete Joey Chestnut America has won the last 14 July 4th Hot Dog Eating championships. We may need to squint a little harder to see them, but there are still countle s reasons to be proud of American sports on the countrys 246th birthday. On this Fourth of July between the burgers and bikinis take time to admire and appreciate each unique flame on this homemade, sports-centric cake: 246 candles, 246 reminders why we love our games and the people who play them. Heres hoping it reminds you how fortunate we are to have a variety of sports, and the freedom to choose which ones we love and/or loathe. Happy Birthday, Americas sports! Consume this list in one barbecued bite. Or nibble all Tomas Hertl Jersey during the holiday. Whatever. It is, after all, a free country.246. .245. Face masks on sports helmets, not civilian heads.244. Dak Prescott, somehow simultaneously underrated and overpaid.243. Brett Hulls no goal goal in the wee early morning hours in Buffalo. 242. Aaron Hernandez, Josh Brent, Tim Donaghy, Lance Armstrong, Terdema U sery, Robert Kraft, Dan Snyder and Deshaun Watson, each held accountable. 241. Cris Collinsworths insight and Tony Romos intuition. 240. Zion Williamsons hops and hope. 239. Dirk Nowitzki (I know, I know. But he feels like one of us, yes?) 238. Bryce Harpers exit velocity. 237. Johnny Football, fleeting as it was. 236. Wiffle Ball in the back yard. 235. Labor peace in baseball. But just barely.234. Cowboys supposed Canton bias, kicked to the curb.233. The Colonial in Fort Worth, same as it ever was. 232. Cowboys Super Bowl expectations. Every single year. 231. Matthew Stafford, vindicated after all these years.230. The Byron Nelson, whether in Irving or Trinity Forest or Craig Ranch. 229. High school football championship week at AT&T Stadium. 228. The Triplets, inducted into the Ring of Honor on the same night. 227. Jordan Spieths past, Corey Seagers present and CeeDee Lambs future.226. The star on the helmet. 225. Yankees pinstripes. 224. The 18th at Pebble Beach. 223. Dollar Dog Night.222. Cotton Bowl, still immune to corporate namesakes after all these years. 221. Hail Mary and Touchdown Jesus. 220. The Ice Bowl, the Rose Bowl and the Beer n Bowl. 219. Rangers flirting with .500 after a 6-14 start.Scroll to Continue218. Cameron Crazies and Reunion Rowdies 217. Eldrick Tiger Woods. 216. Zack Martin, silently spectacular. 215. .214. Bostons Green Monster and Augustas green jacket. 213 Joe Pavelski Jersey . The 12th Man. 212. . 211. Sammy Baugh, Doak Walker, Davey OBrien and Kyler Murray, soaring over their size.210. H-O-R-S-E, Hot Box and Tackle the Man with the Football. 209. Happy Valley and March Madne s. 208. Vince Young in, around and through USCs defense. 207. The 7th-inning stretch and Down the stretch they come! 206. Army-Navy. Paul Martin Jersey 205. The Southwest Conference. 204. . 203. Gentlemen, start your engines! 202. Rougned Odors fist and Nolan Ryans headlock. But most of all, George Teague protecting the star ... and carrying our flag. 201. Vince Lombardi. 200. Donnie Nelson, for discovering and delivering our favorite imports (Dirk and Luka Doncic).199. Kobe Bryant.198. Arch in Austin: Continuing the Manning family legacy? 197. The Three Js, The Four Horsemen and The Fab Five. 196. It aint over til its over. 195. Hawg hats, Fort Worth Cats and Minnesota Fats. 194. Mark Holtz Hello, Win Column! Yes, still. 193. A two-putt birdie. 192. Wide Right and Student Body Left. 191. Josh Hamiltons power electrifying Yankee Stadium in the Home Run Derby. 190. The smell of fresh-cut gra s on Opening Day. 189. SMUs Pony Expre s 82 and Dallas Carter
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