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When the term paper or thesis is written and all the chapters are approved, it's time to do the design . The face of your project is the title page, and it is worth starting with it. Like other elements, it is also regulated by methodology. True, the rules were adopted in 1995, so some items, for example, about the size and type of font, are not there. Universities have to set the technical requirements themselves, which are prescribed in manuals. For your convenience, writemypapers has compiled the most common recommendations.
How to make a title page
The title page always has 4 blocks:
[*]top - "hat",
The font does not differ from what is used for the entire work. As a rule, this is Times New Roman, size 14, rarely 12.
At the very top, in the "cap", our Ministry of Education is indicated, on the next line - the full name of the educational institution. Often they are written in capital letters, it is possible to highlight bold, single spacing, center alignment.
The central block starts 8-9 lines down. Also in the center, in capital letters, “term paper / diploma work” is written, in lower case - the name of the discipline and the topic in quotation marks from new lines.
On the right side of the sheet there is information about the author and teacher: full name, course, group - for the student, position and degree - for the teacher. Experts of the writemypapers service perform term papers to order urgently . Place an order and choose the right author!
The bottom block is aligned to the center, the city and year of protection are written here.
Don't forget the fields!
[*]Top 1.5 cm.
[*]Bottom 3 cm.
[*]Right 1.5 cm.
[*]Left 2.5 cm.
What is a term paper assignment and how to apply it
There are two troubles in the life of a student - term paper and diploma. And he needs to deal with both of these troubles, since not only the availability of scholarships, but also the diploma as a whole depends on this. Coursework is much easier than a diploma , but it also has its own nuances that should not be overlooked. In this article, we will analyze what a term paper assignment is and how to complete it.
What is a term paper assignment
The assignment for the course work is what the student must do with free essay writing service. The teacher sets a specific perspective on the topic and the student solves the problem in accordance with the recommendations.
At the stage of drawing up a course work plan, an individual task is formed. It is decided which items should be included in the study, which literature should be used in the work, which problem should be investigated, etc.
The student must carefully read the task for the course work and sign the form with the submitted task, thereby showing that he is ready to complete it. When the study is completed, the document must be attached to the main work.
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