Should your business use biodegradable cups

Whether you're a business or restaurant owner, or just someone who likes convenience and portability, disposable cups play a key role in meeting the needs of customers across the country. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right cup for your business,cornstarch bowl so hopefully this information will help you narrow down the competition and make the right choice.
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Many people mistakenly believe that paper cups disintegrate safely and quickly after use.sugarcane bowl Unfortunately for our planet, this is not true. Many paper products, especially cups used to hold hot beverages, are coated with polyethylene plastic.salad bowl This coating protects the paper from moisture and allows it to hold beverages like coffee and tea without leaking.
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Unfortunately, this plastic coating also makes the cup considerably less environmentally friendly. Studies have shown that polyethylene coatings do not biodegrade, slow the breakdown of the underlying paper, and shed microplastic container Even if the paper cup itself breaks; the poly coating will remain for hundreds of years.sugarcane tray Some recycling companies will accept polyethylene-coated paper products, but many will not, so it's best to check with your local recycling supplier.
PLA coated paper
Compostable hot cups are our innovative solution to the problem of multi-coated paper cups.cornstarch cutlery Instead of using a harmful polyethylene coating that doesn't biodegrade, our cups are coated with a bioplastic called PLA. PLA is derived from cornstarch and is fully compostable in a commercial setting. Like regular polyethylene coatings, PLA can withstand high temperatures and is ideal for handling hot beverages without oozing toxic chemicals, melting or leaking.paper food box Even the lids of these cups are made from PLA and are also 100% compostable. The double-wall design keeps beverages insulated without the need for sleeves, meaning your beverages will stay hot and your hands will stay cool.wooden cutlery If your business or restaurant is looking for a practical and sustainable solution, cornstarch tray look no further than our PLA paper cups.
Eco-friendly cups are a great alternative for hotels, cafeterias, catering events, parties and homes.CPLA cutlery Made from sustainably sourced paper and lined with biodegradable bioplastics, this means our cups won't pollute the environment for hundreds of years.Withstands temperatures up to 200 °F, perfect for hot or cold drinks. The double wall construction keeps your hands cool and your beverages hot, no sleeves required!Certified Compostable: All products are BPI certified to meet the necessary requirements for food contact.sugarcane cutlery Will degrade in commercial composting facilities.
Posted on February 20th, 2023 at 12:55am


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