POE Currency & Two Jewels Had Fixed The Weakness in POE 3.21 Crucible League

We are going to be discussing the 2 hottest jewels available in the market with a 6,000% price appreciation. Despite their cost, these jewels are perfect for fixing a few of the biggest complications with Magic Finder. They can even replace a jewel that amounted to 10 times more. We are going to be delving into how these jewels work and presenting some preliminary results. The way the build works is you cannot die if you don't get one-shotted. However, you'll find benefits to using this method despite its immoral appearance. It is a method of fixing things, as well as a problem we should solve, is how to make POE Currency immortal.

In this patch, two jewels have been introduced that fix 2 of the biggest weaknesses inside the Magic Finder build. Despite much theory-crafting on Reddit about achieving hit immortality with petrified blood, these jewels turned out to be a viable and cost-saving solution. I was capable of selling my master surgeon jewel, that's currently worth around 49-50 divine, to get a whole group of these jewels worth around 60 divine. Although the stunning jewel is dear, it is miles less than the Forbidden Dual Set of Master Surgeons. The “Immutable Force” jewel grants 500-1000 increased sudden block recovery, as the “Blood Notch” jewel grants 40-60% of injury taken from stunning hits as recovered life.

To combine this combo, you would like to stun yourself, as well as the “Immutable Force” jewel’s sudden block recovery helps keep the game playable. Then, together with the “Blood Notch” jewel, you will probably be able to get better life from your stuns. Although there is a 40% gap that we must make up for, we are able to do so through petrified blood. Before we investigate how this combo works and its particular mechanics, let’s explore the weaknesses of the Magic Finder build. Many people who watch this are endeavoring out Magic Finder characters and so are struggling with issues including how to use the divination distillate and acquire POE Currency. Fortunately, we now have found approaches to these problems.

The Path of Exile player discusses the Magic Finder build, which prioritizes Quant and Rarity over defense, creating a squishy build. They address the matter by using divination distillate, which ends its life flask effect when reaching full life without a fix available except using petrified blood. This limits HP recovery past 50% but offers other benefits.

The Path of Exile player suggests using blood rage to sustain your build by canceling out of the regen of divination distillate and reserving some life with petrified blood and keeping the regen of divination distillate intact. An additional optimization is possible using Vitality and Precision, as well as the build could be further sustained with a life flask or master surgeon notable. The jewel set containing a perfect roll of 2120 petrified blood and 30 recoup can eliminate damage stripped away from stunning hits. Using these strategies can enhance the survivability of the build.

Path of Exile player explains what sort of use of Blood and Petrified Blood may result in life loss prevention over four seconds however leave players susceptible to damage-over-time effects and ailments, because recovery happens after the server tick. To balance life loss prevention, obtaining 30 recoup and poe currency for sale buy is important, but this setup will not make the gamer immortal. Additionally, taking Energy Shield Mastery can fix stun prevention, while using a stun threshold depending on the energy shield as opposed to life.

The Path of Exile player explains how utilizing the recoup strategy with inspired learning along with a recoup on the jewel might help balance out life loss prevention over four seconds which will help prevent getting stunned on every hit. The player suggests acquiring a six percent perfect jewel to attain 30 recoup or operating a recoup effect that develops over three seconds as an alternative to four. While sample experiments yielded good results, the greatest effect can vary greatly and require further personal testing.

The Path of Exile player describes how certain character setups can significantly impact survivability during gameplay. By utilizing strategies including the recoup strategy and taking advantage of Inspired Learning and Mage Blood, players can withstand more damage and feel more reassured in dangerous situations. However, you note the requirement to watch out for damage-over-time effects on the surface, which may still pose a threat to the smoothness. Overall, evasion plus the Wind Dancer passive skill remain reliable tools and POE Orbs for mitigating damage against various map mod combinations.

The player from the first passage explains their strategy for reducing damage consumed in Path of Exile by relying upon evasion as well as the Wind Dancer passive skill for the 20% lowering of attack damage taken, in addition to increased evasion and 95% possible opportunity to evade attacks. They also take Leaky Shade for the 10% lowering of damage absorbed time and run Purity of Elements for more elemental damage reduction.
Posted on May 16th, 2023 at 01:35am


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