How to Serve Delicious and Healthy Ice Cream

Enjoy a delicious and refreshing Ice Cream can leave a sweet memory for this long cream paper cups wholesale How to provide your customers with healthy and delicious Ice Cream , you can explore from two angles of Ice Cream ingredients and packaging.

Lighten the calories of ingredients
While traditional Ice Cream brings people cool and sweetness, it also makes your customers spend more time in the gym to consume the sweet calories it brings. In order to reduce your customers’ burden on calories, you can introduce low-fat Ice Cream.100ml ice cream cups Compared with ordinary Ice Cream, the fat content of low-fat Ice Cream is reduced by more than 50%. You can print the calorie number on the package in a big way, indicating that your Ice Cream products are low in sugar, low in calories, low in fat. In order to make your Ice Cream healthier, you can simplify the ingredients, combine popular elements, and introduce new flavors that only consist of natural ingredients such as water, fruit, natural sucrose, and vitamin C.

Provide high-quality packaging
Ice Cream Cups,Ice Cream Lids, and Ice Cream Scoops are essential for enjoying delicious Ice Cream. Providing your customers with high-quality Ice Cream Packaging can make it easier for your brand to be loved by cream cups with lids You can choose double PE coating for your Ice Cream Cup, and choose custom printing by offset printing and flexo printing to show Ice Cream product patterns and information, and you can also choose hot stamping packaging.

In addition, choosing environmentally friendly packaging materials can add attractiveness to your Ice Cream products. You can choose compostable and biodegradable PLA coated Ice Cream Cups, Ice Cream Cup Lids made of sugarcane fiber, and Ice Cream Scoops made of cream cup suppliers Among them, PLA is a new type of biodegradable material made from renewable plant resources such as crops. Bagasse Ice Cream Lids biodegrade within 30-90 days and as they degrade, provide the environment with natural ingredients. Bamboo Ice Cream Scoops also can be biodegraded or composted back to nature.

In Hyde, you can easily buy these Ice Cream Packaging products. We have 12 years of experience in the production and sales of environmentally friendly products. "Environmental protection & health" is our principle, "customized production and timely delivery" is our advantage.[small ice cream cups with lids If you need to provide your customers with high-quality and environmentally friendly Ice Cream products, please feel free to contact.
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Posted on October 7th, 2023 at 11:51pm


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