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Milan is the largest metropolis in Italy and will host the 2026 Winter Olympics together with Cortina; it is a world-famous cultural and historical city with many places of interest worth visiting; it is the world's fashion and art center, almost The birthplace of half of the world's luxury brands; it is home to major international events and exhibitions such as Milan Fashion Week and the Milan International Film Festival, as well as AC Milan and Inter Milan Football Club;sexdolls it attracts about 8 million overseas tourists every year through museums and art galleries. travel.

Milan Cathedral is the spiritual symbol and symbol of Milan. It is the second largest in the world and can accommodate 40,000 people for religious activities. The church started construction in 1386 and took six centuries to be completed in 1965. Architects from Germany, France, Italy and other countries successively participated in the design of the main church. liebespuppe Leonardo da Vinci also drew countless design drafts for it, bringing together Gothic style, neoclassical, baroque and other multi-ethnic architectural styles. The church is entirely made of white marble. The entire shape is full of a sense of rising to the sky. It is decorated with more than 6,000 sculptures from outside to inside and from top to bottom. It is extremely complex and exquisite. There are 135 spiers on the top of the church, like a dense Tallinn pierces the sky and is therefore the building with the most sculptures and the most minarets in the world. Leonardo da Vinci invented an elevator for it. Of course, you can also hike to the top via 920 steps to get a bird's eye view of the city.

The Sforzesco Castle, built in the 14th century, symbolizes the vicissitudes of Milan's history. This square red brick ancient castle was originally the private residence of the Sforza family and was the most majestic non-religious building in Milan during the Renaissance. At that time, there were countless famous architects, sculptors and painters. Brunelleschi, Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci all contributed to the construction and decoration of this castle. Now,silikon sexpuppen the castle has been turned into a museum with more than 30 exhibition rooms displaying sculptures, furniture, paintings, musical instruments, porcelain and bronzeware. Among them, the library has a collection of 40,000 books and 1,500 manuscripts of various types; the Sculpture Hall has treasures of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo; the Archaeological Museum also displays Michelangelo's unfinished work "Rendanini". "Lamentation of Christ", which he began to create four days before his death.

When traveling to Milan, the "Fashion Capital", whether you have a shopping desire or not, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a must-visit. This ancient glass-vaulted commercial street has a very high sightseeing value. The huge arched building is its biggest highlight. The floor is paved with marble mosaic patterns.sexpuppe The cloisters are crisscrossed, with symbols symbolizing the four continents of America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Mosaic. Sit in a classic cafe and sip a cup of Italian cappuccino, watching the sun shine through the glass ceiling, which is beautiful. This is the most prosperous area of Milan, home to many of the world's top luxury brand stores. It is most lively when the lights are on, so it is also called the "Emmanuel II Night Gallery"

Via Montenapoleone is the most elegant and expensive shopping street in Milan. It actually has little to do with Napoleon, but it is famous for its fashion and jewelry stores. Almost all well-known Italian brands have their flagship stores here, such as Gucci, LV, Prada, Giorgio Armani... Each of these unconventional world-famous brands opens in an elegant manner in ancient and elegant European-style buildings, with extremely gorgeous display windows.Teen Sexpuppen The design is enough to give people a glimpse of the forefront of fashion, enhance their aesthetic quality, and infect them with an elegant atmosphere.

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