Mastering Varus: A Comprehensive Guide to Dominating the Rift

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, was once a disciplined and skilled Ionian archer dedicated to protecting his homeland. His life took a tragic turn when Noxian invaders massacred his village. Seeking vengeance, Varus pursued the invaders, leaving his family unprotected. Upon his return, he found them slain, and his grief turned to rage. He swore revenge and sought out an ancient, dark power hidden in a corrupted well deep within Ionia. Varus merged with the dark essence trapped within, becoming a living embodiment of vengeance and corruption. Now, Varus hunts those he deems deserving of his wrath, wielding the corrupted power with deadly precision. When you embark on your journey, mmowow accounts can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Champion Role and Abilities
Varus is primarily played as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) in the bot lane. He excels in poke damage, crowd control, and sustained damage through his abilities and basic attacks.


Passive-Living Vengeance:

On champion or minion kill, Varus gains attack speed. The bonus is larger if he kills a champion.
Q - Piercing Arrow:

Varus charges and then releases a powerful arrow, dealing damage based on how long it was charged and the distance traveled. The longer the charge, the more damage it deals.
W - Blighted Quiver:

Passive: Varus’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and apply Blight.
Active: Varus’s next Piercing Arrow applies Blight to all enemies hit.
E - Hail of Arrows:

Varus fires a hail of arrows that deals physical damage and creates a desecrated area. Enemies standing in the area have reduced healing and movement speed.
R - Chain of Corruption:

Varus launches a tendril of corruption that immobilizes the first enemy hit, then spreads to nearby enemies, immobilizing them as well.
Skill Order and Playstyle
Skill Order:

Max Q (Piercing Arrow) first for poke and damage.
Max E (Hail of Arrows) second for additional damage and utility.
Max W (Blighted Quiver) last as it primarily enhances your Q.
Put points into R (Chain of Corruption) whenever possible.
Varus excels at poking enemies from a distance and controlling fights with his crowd control. His abilities synergize well with his basic attacks, allowing him to deal significant damage over time.

Rune Setup
Primary Path: Precision

Lethal Tempo: For increased attack speed, maximizing Varus’s damage output in extended fights.
Presence of Mind: To sustain mana for his ability-heavy playstyle.
Legend: Alacrity: For additional attack speed.
Coup de Grace: For increased damage against low-health targets.
Secondary Path: Sorcery

Manaflow Band: For additional mana sustain.
Gathering Storm: For scaling damage into the late game.
Stat Shards:

Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Armor or Magic Resist (depending on the matchup)
Item Build
Starting Items:

Doran’s Blade
Health Potion
Core Items:

Masamune: Provides essential mana and damage, evolving into Muramana for significant power spikes.
Kraken Slayer: Enhances damage output with true damage on every third attack.
Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Converts critical strike chance into on-hit damage, synergizing with Varus’s abilities.

Situational Items:

Runaan’s Hurricane: For additional attack speed and multi-target damage.
Guardian Angel: For survivability with a revive.
Mortal Reminder: For grievous wounds and armor penetration.
Mercurial Scimitar: For a quick cleanse and additional magic resist.

Early, Mid, and Late Game Strategy
Early Game:

Poke and Farm: Use Q (Piercing Arrow) to poke and harass the enemy while last-hitting minions. Keep your distance and avoid unnecessary trades.
Lane Control: Coordinate with your support to secure lane dominance. Utilize E (Hail of Arrows) to control the wave and zone the enemy ADC.
Mid Game:

Objective Control: Assist your team in securing dragons and Rift Heralds. Varus’s poke and zone control can be crucial in these fights.
Roaming: Look for opportunities to roam and use your R (Chain of Corruption) to set up kills and objectives. Group with your team to leverage your poke damage in sieging turrets.
Late Game:

Teamfights: Position yourself at the backline, using Q and E to poke and soften up the enemy before engaging. Use R to catch out key targets or disrupt the enemy team’s formation.
Siege and Defense: Utilize your range and poke to pressure objectives. Varus excels at sieging with his long-range abilities.

Combos and Techniques
Basic Poke Combo:

W (Blighted Quiver) Active ’ Q (Piercing Arrow)
All-In Combo:

R (Chain of Corruption) ’ E (Hail of Arrows) ’ W (Blighted Quiver) Active ’ Q (Piercing Arrow)
Max Damage Combo:

Auto-attack to apply Blight stacks ’ Q (Piercing Arrow) to detonate ’ R (Chain of Corruption) to root and apply more Blight ’ Auto-attack to apply Blight ’ E (Hail of Arrows) to detonate

Recommended Team Compositions
Engage Compositions:

Pair Varus with champions who can initiate fights, such as Leona or Malphite. Their engagement allows Varus to follow up with his abilities and secure kills.
Poke Compositions:

Varus fits well in poke comps with champions like Xerath or Jayce, who can whittle down enemies from a distance before a full engagement.
Protect the Carry Compositions:

In comps with strong peel supports like Janna or Lulu, Varus can thrive as a backline carry, dealing consistent damage while being protected.

Laning Against Darius
Early Game Strategy:

Pre-6 Strategy:

Avoid Extended Trades: Darius excels in extended trades due to his passive (Hemorrhage) and healing from Q (Decimate). Keep trades short by poking with your Q (Piercing Arrow) and auto-attacks.
Stay at Max Range: Utilize Varus’s superior range to poke and harass Darius. Use Q (Piercing Arrow) to farm and harass from a safe distance.
Ward and Position Carefully: Darius’s E (Apprehend) can be devastating if you are caught out of position. Keep the river and tri-brush warded to avoid ganks and maintain good positioning.

Post-6 Strategy:

Respect Darius’s All-In Potential: Darius’s ultimate (Noxian Guillotine) can execute you if you’re low on health. Maintain a healthy distance and keep your health topped up with potions.
Use Your R (Chain of Corruption): If Darius attempts to engage, use your ultimate to root him and create space. Follow up with E (Hail of Arrows) to slow him and reduce his healing.

Mid Game Strategy:

Objective Control:

Assist with Dragons and Rift Herald: Your poke and zone control is valuable for securing objectives. Stay at the edge of fights and use your abilities to poke and harass.
Map Awareness: Be aware of Darius’s potential roams. If he leaves the lane, push your wave and take turret plates, but be ready to assist your team with your ultimate.

Roaming and Skirmishing:

Join Teamfights: Varus’s poke and crowd control are vital in mid-game skirmishes. Use your range to soften up targets before fully committing.
Keep Safe Distance: Position yourself at the backline, constantly harassing the enemy with Q and E. Avoid being caught out by Darius’s engagement.

Late Game Strategy:

Teamfight Contribution:

Poke Before Engaging: Use Q (Piercing Arrow) and E (Hail of Arrows) to poke down enemies before the fight begins. This can significantly lower their health and make it easier for your team to engage.
Ultimate Timing: Use R (Chain of Corruption) to catch out key targets or disrupt the enemy team’s formation. Follow up with your abilities to maximize damage.

Split Pushing:

Apply Pressure Carefully: While Varus is not the best-split pusher, you can push lanes when necessary but avoid overextending. Always have wards and a clear escape route.

Teamfight Tactics
Engaging Different Champions:

Against Tanks (e.g., Ornn, Malphite):

Kite and Poke: Use your superior range to poke down tanks. Apply Blight stacks with auto-attacks and detonate them with Q for maximum damage.
Armor Penetration: Build items like Lord Dominik’s Regards to shred through their armor.
Against Burst Mages (e.g., Syndra, LeBlanc):

Quick Engage: Use your ultimate to root them and follow up with your abilities to burst them down before they can burst you.
Magic Resist: Consider items like the Maw of Malmortius to survive their burst.
Against Assassins (e.g., Zed, Talon):

Stay Back: Position yourself far from potential threats and use your team’s peel to stay safe.
Survivability: Build items like Guardian Angel to give yourself a second chance if assassinated.
Why Varus is a Popular and Effective Choice
Attributes and Feel:

Versatile Playstyle: Varus can be built as a poke-focused ADC or on-hit damage dealer, allowing flexibility based on team composition and matchup.
High Damage Output: Varus has a strong poke with Q and sustained damage with his passive and on-hit builds.
Crowd Control: His ultimate provides a powerful engage or disengage tool, making him valuable in team fights.

Strong Laning Phase: Varus can dominate the laning phase with his poke and range advantage.
Teamfight Presence: His ability to poke and control fights with his ultimate makes him a significant threat in team fights.
Objective Control: Varus’s range and damage allow him to secure objectives effectively.

Immobility: Varus lacks mobility, making him vulnerable to ganks and assassinations.
Reliant on Positioning: Poor positioning can lead to being caught out and killed quickly. However, when some players choose to explore further and become familiar with a certain hero, some players pay more attention to the appearance of the hero and choose League of Legends items.
Mana Dependent: Varus can be mana-hungry, especially in prolonged fights or landing phases.
Practical Gameplay Tips
Combos: Mastering Varus’s combos is crucial for maximizing his damage.

Basic Poke Combo: W (Blighted Quiver) Active ’ Q (Piercing Arrow)
All-In Combo: R (Chain of Corruption) ’ E (Hail of Arrows) ’ W (Blighted Quiver) Active ’ Q (Piercing Arrow)
Max Damage Combo: Auto-attack to apply Blight stacks ’ Q (Piercing Arrow) to detonate ’ R (Chain of Corruption) to root and apply more Blight ’ Auto-attack to apply Blight ’ E (Hail of Arrows) to detonate
Vision Control: Keep wards in the river and enemy jungle entrances to prevent ganks and control objectives.

Wave Management: Freeze the wave near your turret to deny the farm and set up ganks. Push the wave when your opponent roams to capitalize on turret plates.

Varus is a versatile ADC who excels in various team compositions thanks to his strong poke, crowd control, and sustained damage. His ability to influence fights from a distance makes him a valuable asset in both skirmishes and team fights. However, he requires careful positioning and mana management to maximize his effectiveness. For players who enjoy a tactical, ability-driven playstyle with a strong poke and team fight presence, Varus is a rewarding and powerful champion to master. By understanding his strengths and weaknesses, and adapting to the flow of the game, players can leverage Varus’s full potential to lead their team to victory.
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